Free patterns

I hope you enjoy my little projects. Just click to find downloadable instructions and templates for each one. I’d love to see what you make, so please share!

Turn fabric scraps into cute birds with paperclip legs.


24 responses to “Free patterns

  1. Theresa

    I love your mice. i have been so inspired can’t wait to get started over Easter.

  2. Christine Rodgers


    Have made two mice so far, now ready to knit. Love the pattern!

  3. Mary Ann

    I love the mice too…I think they need a house ….

  4. Betty Andrews

    Hi I made one of the Mice. Loved the way it turned out.

  5. lorraine

    Hi love your and blog and using your mice as my first sewing project .

  6. Mary Mullins

    Please make the mouse pattern available again, I would buy it from you!!!

  7. Sai Dove

    please tell me how to obtain mouse pattern

  8. Mama

    Where is the free mouse pattern?

  9. Terri Kerwin

    just love your little mice, am nearly ready to sew them, just printed the cardi ready to complete my girl, will make trousers for my boy and a waistcoat. Thanks for the pattern.

  10. Shirley

    Would love the mouse pattern how do I get it?

  11. Avon Leekley

    To add to the others, I, too, would love to know how to get the patterns for the mice and clothes !

  12. Annie

    I would love the mouse pattern and clothes too. Please, they are adorable!

  13. lynda

    I would love to buy this pattern too Please point me in the right direction to purchase it Thanks

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  14. jennifer Flynn

    Please could you sell me your sweet little mouse with clothes pattern?

  15. Corlia

    Please can i also have the mouse pattern

  16. Corlia

    Please can i also have the mouse pattern? Pretty please with sprinkles on top…

  17. Claire Hainsworth

    How do I get the mouse pattern ? xx

  18. Denise Martin

    Hi – i am in Australia, and would love to make your mice which were in Molly Makes. How do I get the pattern,p lease?

  19. Amanda wilkinson

    Where is mouse pattern please I love them x x

  20. Margie

    Could you please send me your apple pincushion pattern. Thanking you in anticipation
    Regards Margie

  21. Chris zvara

    Are you there??? We are all begging for your pattern. I have been searching online trying EVERYTHING to find it SOMEWHERE. How can we get the pattern?

  22. Jeanette Haney

    I would like to purchase a copy of the magazine making mice I think it’s in Issue 11..

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