About me

Hello, I’m Jenny. I’m based in South West England and am lucky enough to have worked as a craft journalist for over 20 years.

I have always loved making things – all sorts of things! A childhood of hoarding empty boxes under my bed has naturally expanded into filling my flat with crafty items that look like they might make into something one day. These days fabric and buttons have won out over cardboard but I’m still a hoarder. There’s fabric everywhere, even in the airing cupboard.

Thanks for visiting my blog, it’s a treat to have you here. I’d love you to leave a comment but feel free to get in touch direct if you’d like to. You’ll find me here:



8 responses to “About me

  1. Dear Jenny
    I love your blog. Would it be okay to add a link to it in the blog’s I read list on my own blog (a work in progress)?

  2. blogs I read list, sorry for the grocer’s apostrophe!

  3. Just discovered your lovely blog! I will be back to visit soon xxx

  4. Lovely blog will visit often!

  5. Hi just discovered your blog and its great! Love your planting frenzy in the bathroom – our flat’s rather similar – tiny and has seedlings growing on every surface when its allotment planting time! And you like Rosy gets Cozy too! It opened my eyes to the blogging world! Check mine out if you fancy http://www.monkinandme.com and I’ll visit back soon!

  6. Just discovered your blog (on BYW) and like it a lot!! Have a great day!! Ulli

  7. In searching for how to make pincushions I found your ingenious apple pincushion instructions from Molliemakes magazine via The Guardian.(I live in US and had never heard of these before.) I love your blog !

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