The Simple Things

I have a little rule that I don’t talk about work here. After all, this is about the makes and musings that give the best after-hours escapes. I’m very lucky that my work as a craft journalist overlaps with the things I love but on the whole I aim to keep the day job and the fabric stash separate.

I feel strangely shy about this but yes, I am about to break my rule to tell you about something I’ve been working on. (I am allowing myself a little leeway as it has been taking up what would have been my crafting time.) It’s a brand new magazine, The Simple Things.

What’s it about? Well, basically my perfect day – and I very much hope yours too. Start with a treat of a breakfast recipe, a gossip with friends, a trip to a specialist shop to choose the perfect cheese, home to use it in a delicious lunch recipe (even I couldn’t mess up), a fun look at wonderfully ordinary things nature is up to this month, an afternoon walk collecting apples, a nose around an interesting house and a glimpse into what it’s like to go to a seed swap. As evening comes there’s a whimsical look back (at ‘ghost signs’ this issue), supper with friends, a chance to settle down and try some crochet and even a bedtime story to round off the day. Admittedly, I would be a fairly packed day but there’s a whole month to try all these things before the next magazine shows up on the shelves.

If you’d like to see for yourself, it’s in shops now or here if you prefer to shop online. (There’s a taster here too). I would genuinely like to hear what you think about it. Don’t hold back! Love it or hate it, I’d very much value your comments.



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14 responses to “The Simple Things

  1. Nicola

    Ive really loved reading the first issue of The Simple Things and am really looking forward to the next issue!

  2. Lyn

    I love it. I subscribed straight away, it is just my sort of magazine and I loved the ‘feel’ of it.
    Looking forward to the next issue already

  3. Wow, I had no idea that was your magazine! I’ve signed up for a subscription; it sounds lovely. Congrats!

  4. Rosie

    Well I love it. Lots to read, lovely photos and a gorgeous mood. Clever you.

  5. Just got the magazine, its really good, Im a magazine addict and this one is different, great photos, nice thick pages,articles I have never seen before and best of all not too many adverts to ruin your reading enjoyment. I love the way you have drawings as well as photos such as the ‘Trees’ to discover, if I had to have one tiny, tiny niggle , Flowers In The House, the flowers are silk not real, there are many beautiful fresh flowers in the garden at the moment. But that is a mini , mini niggle,I love it and will definately carry on buying it. Well done for bringing out something new and interesting, fantastic x

    • Hi Katie, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I so agree with you about wanting to feature real flowers. We all fell in love with that picture of dahlias and realised too late that they weren’t real. I’ll put myself on the naughty step for a while and promise it won’t happen again! Jenny x

      • Oh no, I felt bad after saying it! I thought at the end of the day, Im lucky to be able to pick lots of lovely flowers but many people are not able to, so the arrangement is perfect!
        I love the magazine , Im going to subscribe , it really is different to any other magzine and I read a lot of them !
        All the very best with it
        Kate x

  6. Catherine Twomey

    Loved the magazine! I’m going to rade my yarn stash after work to crochet a cosy for my cafetiere and I will be trying out the financier receipe. I really loved the feature on Ghost Signs and spotted a good one on my way to work in Dublin this morning!! Loved the Miscellany section at the end too. Congrats!

  7. Loved the magazine and unlike most of the magazines I get there was enough interesting articles that my husband read it too! Good work.

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  8. Looks Lovely, wonderful design xx

  9. I have now got my third Simple Things magazine and it just brilliant! I love the fact the reading is not littered by adverts, also just little things like the pattern print on the inside of the cover and the painted illustrations of trees and birds, which I am putting up in the greenhouse at work. Lots of magazines go on about teaching about nature but dont actually do anything to promote like your magazine is now doing. It really has a bit of everything, I took the last issue on holiday to Wales and read it in the mountains! Well done you! xx

  10. I subscribed to Simple Things before I had even finished reading the first issue. I write an interior design blog and so many of the other magazines I read are very london centric and living in Devon I do tend to feel a bit out of the loop. However, as soon as I picked up Simple Things a huge smile spread across my face as I realised this magazine celebrates all the things that are great about my life in Devon. I have enjoyed every issue and I am inspired every month. It makes me realise and appreciate just how lucky I am to live where I do.

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