Scratching the making itch

I’ve no doubt there’s a link between making and mental well-being. My very unscientific survey of one reveals how much calmer and more contented I am when I have time to spend making things. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been starved of crafting time and I’ve really noticed how unsettled it makes me feel not to have a moment to settle down and reach for something to make from the basket that sits by the side of my sofa.

So how to keep calm and carry on when no crafting time is available? Fabric stroking. A simple but possibly expensive solution. Without any particular project in mind, I bought this little roll of Liberty fabrics. (I absolutely love the way they don’t go together and yet somehow co-ordinate.) I put the roll somewhere obvious, like the arm of my sofa, and simply stroke the fabrics each time I pass. For the photo, I dared to unleash them from their paper band but of course I had to roll them up again carefully as that’s half the appeal. I’m just as bad with jelly rolls and charm packs, I simply can’t use them they are such lovely objects in their own right.

I hope for more crafting time soon but until then, I’ll have to select a new stroking collection to keep me happy for the week ahead. Feel free to join in my unscientific de-stressing solution.



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4 responses to “Scratching the making itch

  1. Rosie

    So pretty! I wondered if you were having a super busy time. Hope we can catch up soon. xx

  2. I am exactly the same lol! Thought it was just me who is weird phew! I have a beautifully rainbow batik jelly roll upstairs that I have had for ages. I love the potential and possibilities they represent. Once it’s sewn together all the possibility is gone. Plus I am scared I will make something I don’t like with it too – that would be so sad.

  3. Marie Odell

    If the weather is bad I reach for my fabric and when I have sorted them out and stroked a few I feel better.There are some I know I will never cut, sad but true.

  4. Sarah Jane Lloyd

    Hi Jenny! I was gifted a copy of Mollie Makes with your mice on the front and I have come to you for the knitting pattern having cut out the pattern pieces and sorted out some fabric ready for pressing tomorrow. I have started to read some of your blog and found this posting.
    I had a nervous breakdown some two & a half years ago and I am convinced that part of the reason for that was that I had no creative time in my life. I am never more relaxed than when I am in my happy place with my knitting/sewing/crochet in my hands. I also love baking which again fulfills that creative need.
    I am happy to say that I am now fully recovered and have never felt this well. I make sure that I have “me” time for quality creativity and I certainly know when there’s been a shortage of it.
    I am looking forward to making your mice and I’m sure that if they look as good as yours do they will be greatly admired by my friends & family.
    Thank you for creating them and for sharing them with us. Take care of yourself.
    Kind regards

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