It’s all in the name

Rediscovering a treasured plate made me think about something else created by the same very talented friend. His passion is for ceramics, both in the study of styles from 1950s Midwinter to today’s Bridgewater and also creating original items with his own hands.

When he came to stay some years ago, I showed off by dressing my table with one of my best ever textile finds – my very own ‘Chez Jenny’ tablecloth. It’s quite small and perfect for my little drop-leaf dining table. The story goes that it came from a French restaurant that closed and sold off all its linens. I only wish I’d had the funds to buy up more of the napkins and tea towels at the textile event. Ah well, it probably would have been a bit much to have my name embroidered all over my home!

He won’t thank me for showing off some of his early work but I can’t resist this one. Ever the perfect guest, my friend entered into the spirit of things by posting this little jug to me a few days after his stay as a thank you gift. It features a simple heart design (just two brush strokes) and of course the essential ‘Chez Jenny’ lettering.

I’ve loved the way his work has developed over the years, so I’d like to share. Take a look at his very own Hogweed Pottery. I’m lucky enough to own some of these later models too.


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