Crystal magic!

I don’t mind decorating but I need treats to spur me on. After three days of sanding paintwork, scraping at grouting and losing my temper with overly-sticky masking tape, it’s taking more than the odd square of Green & Black’s chocolate to help me decorate my bathroom. How can a 6 x 6 ft room take so much effort?

Decorating is great at the paint chart stage, then it’s all down hill from there. Why are there always so many fiddly bits and unexpected problems before you actually get to wield a paintbrush? I finally dipped my brush in a rather lovely green shade of Farrow and Ball late this afternoon. ‘Cutting in’ all the edges made me grumpy but doing the big open areas was actually quite therapeutic.

Putting up the light fitting was a finishing touch treat (love a bit of styling) but I was nervous about how it would look. It’s a little something I concocted myself with a modern wire frame and a long-treasured collection of chandelier crystals. I’m so at home with fabric and threads, I’m quite out of my comfort zone with materials like this. I have the ideas but it’s so much trickier to make materials like glass and wire bend to my will. Fabric is just so much friendlier. I wobbled about standing on a chair to secure the fitting, only a couple of the crystals broke free and needed reattaching. So far, so good.

After tea I wandered back into the bathroom to see how the paint was drying and if I’d missed any bits. I pulled the cord to turn on the light and was quite bowled over by the effect. I’d no idea that crystals could throw off the light like this. I wish I could capture it better for you to see as there were actually rainbows dancing across the ceiling! A sparkly bathroom and the smell of fresh paint, what more could a girl want from her weekend?



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3 responses to “Crystal magic!

  1. Rosie

    Love it. What a good idea for a bathroom light. What shade of F&B did you use?

    • I used lovely, calming ‘green ground’. Not a great F and B name considering I could have had ‘mouse’s back’ or even ‘eating room red’. One day I’ll live somewhere bigger that can take a touch of dramatic colour!

  2. What a lovely creation! I love redecorating bathrooms and would love to see more of your 6 by 6 ft room when completed 🙂

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