Crafting for Easter

I seem to be having quite a crafty Easter this year. I usually confine myself to a mad dash around the shops acquiring suitable chocolate novelties for my nearest and dearest but I’ve actually managed a bit of seasonal crafting this time round. It all started when Thea left a comment letting me know about the lovely Easter competition over on her Spoonful blog.

At first I just read about the competition and thought wistfully, I wish I’d known earlier as I just don’t have time to join in. Then I came over hopelessly optimistic and thought “I’ll just make time!” The challenge was to create something carrot-related to reward the Easter bunny. I resisted the Spoonful suggestion of making something from an actual carrot and went for an afternoon tea combo instead. I’ve embroidered an old-fashioned table mat with bunnies inspired by the shape of a mini cookie cutter, then added carrots with a little appliqué. Hemming the edge and getting it to stay flat was probably the fiddliest bit but a bit of strategic bullying with the point of the iron sorted it out. To set the mat ready for afternoon tea, I decided on Easter cupcakes topped with marzipan rabbits having their own carrot feast. (I shall probably need to feast on nothing but carrots myself for weeks after this as I scoffed so many marzipan off-cuts as I worked.)

I had real fun and can’t wait to see the other entries. The results will be posted on Good Friday. If you have chance to magically make a little time for yourself, there are still two days left to enter the competition. Hop over to Spoonful for all the details.



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9 responses to “Crafting for Easter

  1. Beautiful! I love how your idea of ‘making time’ means you end up making something amazingly cute that’ll last – as well as cupcakes! I’d definitely have just made a carrot cake.

  2. Oh, that is just so fantastic!:-)

  3. That is adorable. Good luck in the contest

  4. I really like what you have created here, the matt is wonderful and can be used again and again. And who wouldn’t break their healthy eating if offered one of these little bunny cakes ;0)

  5. These are adorable cupcakes! I love them and I want five.

  6. This is absolutely over the moon wonderful! I totally and completely love it…What a beautiful job you’ve done….Really …this is perfection!!!!

  7. Emma

    the little button tails work so well, and wonderful inspiration from your cookie cutter, it’s beautiful.

  8. Rosie

    These are delightful! You’re so clever.

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