Mollie Makes mouse winner!

A little later than promised but here it is, the winner of my little mouse kit giveaway. Congratulations to Susan (aka The 4 o’clock Angel), who left this comment:

“I would love to be considered for your mouse kit as we have some of the real ones that torment me at night, hence why I have called myself  The 4 o’clock Angel and having some of your lovely ones might help me to forgive the ones we have. i swear that they wear clogs!!!”

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to leave me a comment. I’ve really enjoyed reading them all.



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15 responses to “Mollie Makes mouse winner!

  1. I just adore these wonderful mice!! I had planned to cut mine out today but the warm weather lured me to the garden!!! Tomorrow!!

  2. Miss Jenny, I love your little mice. Where can I find this pattern? Don’t have access to Mollie Makes magazine… here in US.
    Thanks, Holly in Iowa

  3. Patti Stratton

    I have just finished one of the white mice, very cute ! But perhaps a little
    complicated. Next time, I will make the body & attach the limbs, lol.
    It I wasn’t a crafter/sewer by trade; I would have a heck of a time. Also, no
    directions on the frocks.

  4. Patti Stratton

    Hi. Another reply from me; re the mice…. Just checked again in MOLLIE MAKES ….. I overlooked the directions for the frocks, sorry; but I did not
    use them anyway, lol. Directions for the mice are not for amateurs.

  5. Farrah A.

    I’m just curious, do you add 5mm seam allowance or is it included in the pattern size? thanks

  6. Miriam leece

    Only just found your mice and would love to have a go at making some for Christmas presents for nieces and nephews. Unfortunately the magazine is now unavailable and so was wondering where else I can get hold of the pattern?

  7. Kate

    Hi, after spending 2 hrs searching for a pattern for a mouse to make for my niece’s birthday I came across the mice in issue 11 of Mollie Makes. I’ve tried to buy the back issue but it’s out of stock :(( is there any way I can buy the instructions for the pattern – I don’t mind paying for just those instructions?? I’ve downloaded the pattern itself but haven’t a clue what to do.

  8. MaryAnn Mullins

    Could you please make this adorable mouse pattern available again? My granddaughter just saw her first Stuart Little movie and loves the mouse, I’d like to make a little”Stuart” for her!

  9. claudie joncour

    très belle souris, j’aimerai beaucoup les faire, pouvez vous m’envoyer le patron ce serait très sympa, merci, mon adresse mail:

  10. Wendy Gates

    I would love to purchase a pdf copy of the mouse pattern.

  11. Newell

    I found out that you can download the mouse pattern here

    I believe the instructions to put it together are in the magazine ‘mollymakes’

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