Welcome to the Mollie Makes bunny blog hop!

Isn’t it strange the way the same theme keeps popping into your head? Right now it seems I have bunnies on the brain. I’ve just embroidered this hoppy chap, which will be made in a little stuffed shape along with lots of farm animal friends (from Charlotte Lyons’ Maggie’s Farm pattern). It’s a long overdue present for a small friend of mine. It was intended as a Christmas gift and here I am almost three months later hoping she doesn’t grow out of such things before I finish the set.

Stitching this bunny gift for a little one stared me thinking about one of my favourite childhood books, The Velvetine Rabbit by Margery Williams. It’s the beautifully told tale of how a tatty toy rabbit becomes real. If it isn’t already on your bookshelf, please do get a copy. You will need to get a hanky too – I can feel myself welling up just thinking about the story. You’re perfectly safe though, it does have a happy ending. I don’t know what became of my childhood copy, so I bought a new one last year and have it ready for when the small people in my life are old enough to appreciate having it read to them.

The warmer weather makes me feel like spring is finally on its way and I’m celebrating with a big vase of daffodils. I’ve also rooted out this little rabbit display dish. For many years it lived in a dark cabinet in the hall at my grandparent’s house. I used to peer at it behind glass but was never allowed to touch. When it came to the sad business of clearing the house after my grandparents died, I couldn’t resist giving it a home. My mum describes it as a primrose vase but to me these flowers just aren’t meant to be picked for indoor displays. Here it is with tiny ‘tete-a-tete’ narcissus instead. The little dish of flowers is filling my whole living room with the scent of spring. Perfect!

My final bunny comes in the form of Mollie Makes’ Easter bunny blog hop. To celebrate the publication of spring-inspired issue 12, the team are giving away an amazing felted rabbit fascinator, courtesy of Helen at From the Wilde. Now that’s what I call an Easter bonnet! If you’re already part of the hop, you’ll know that you need to count the number of rabbits you see in this post and hop on to the next blog – visit the lovely Lara’s Sunday Best. If you’re new to the blog hop, you can get started right here.



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4 responses to “Welcome to the Mollie Makes bunny blog hop!

  1. Ooh, lovely bunnies indeed. The Velveteen Rabbit is out of copyright and available for free at Project Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org – I downloaded it for my Kindle a while back. Love having my childhood favourites to hand.

  2. it’s nice you have easter and spring all together
    here in argentina, it’s fall, so we are not used to the rabbit decorations at all; but we do thechocolate eggs thing, and a kind of cake named “rosca de pascua”, it’s a ring shaped cake, made of a yeast dough, covered with “crème pâtissière” and decorated with crystallized fruit and sugar

  3. Marie Odell

    After reading all about the Velveteen Rabbit story on your blog I decided to find a copy for myself and grandchildren. Today while visiting Hexham in Northumberland from my home in Cumbria, I foung a copy in a little shop.While not the hardback it has original art by William Nicholson. It is lovely and think it better stay at Grandma’s house!

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