Rosie’s perfect patchwork

My name is Jenny, and I’m a house show addict. There, I’ve admitted it. From ‘Grand Designs’ to ‘Location, location, location’, I just can’t resist seeing inside other people’s homes and listening to the way they want to live. When it came to hunting for my own flat, I did have a requirement that I’ve never heard anyone put to Kirstie and Phil – I needed a room large enough to layer up a full-size patchwork quilt. I’ve not actually made that many quilts in my life but my crafting ambitions are always uppermost in my mind. I’d already conceded that my budget wouldn’t stretch to a separate craft room, so this seemed a modest request. You’ll be please to hear that I got my wish and, with the furniture pushed to the edges of the living room, there’s just about space to construct a king-size quilt.

This weekend my quilt zone has come into it’s own as I layered up a beautiful quilt made by my friend Rosie. (Her ‘quilt zone’ is filled by two small children, so I offered to lend a hand.) I’m thrilled to have any part in this amazing creation. I first saw it around two years ago when Rosie came over for a sewing afternoon. I was soon distracted from the needlepoint I intended to do when she tipped a collection of patchwork squares on to the floor. It was her very first quilt. Not content with simple squares or maybe hexagons, she’d embarked on an ambitous foundation-pieced log cabin number. My quilts have always been very planned affairs with all the fabric bought up front. Rosie’s is what I’d call a proper quilt. She developed each block over time, using favourite fabrics from her stash, little treats from lunch hour shopping and even some pieces of her partner’s old shirt. It really is magical.

I smoothed out the lovely 30s-style floral backing fabric, put a layer of wadding on top and finally added the log cabin patchwork. Something amazing happens when you layer up a quilt, it really does come to life.  I spent an evening tacking it all together, so now it’s ready to give back to Rosie to have her first go at hand quilting. It’s currently folded over the arm of my sofa and it’s just so lovely that I have to stroke it every time I come into the room. I’m really going to struggle to return it to its rightful owner!



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4 responses to “Rosie’s perfect patchwork

  1. Ow wow Jenny this is really beautiful a true work of art. Loved your piece in the Mollie makes magazine with you visiting the CHA 🙂 ***Jealous***

    Still not got around to dressing Mr Mouse, but he is warm as its lovely weather and he is in my Bedroom.

    Much Love Katy xx

  2. Rosie

    Oh it’s like seeing an old friend! Thank you for your lovely words. X

  3. Lynda

    Beautiful, gentle quilt. It’s just reminded me that over 30 years ago I made a ‘house’ patch work quilt from Laura Ashley squares in the exact same colours. (Remember those?) It’s been folded up in the airing cupboard for far too many years. I must dig it out.

    Thanks for the mouse pattern. I’ve made 3 little ladies, although one was supposed to be a boy mouse; I even made some pyjamas for him. I just couldn’t resist that lovely dress pattern….. xxx

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