Guerilla crafting?

I’ve discovered a new coffee shop in Bath, an independent which makes a nice change. It’s based in a wonderfully wonky collection of rooms in an old Georgian house near the abbey – the kind of place I immediately start redesigning in my mind to see where I’d place my furniture. It’s called Jacobs but hush, keep it to yourself or I won’t be able to get a seat the next time I need a lunchtime gossip with a friend. (If you do find yourself nearby, sample the lumberjack cake and order a frothy hot drink so you can admire the artistry of the patterns they work into the foam.)

Up a windy staircase, my favourite little room still has the old fireplace flanked by bookshelves which sink deep into the amazingly thick walls. On the shelves there are old books, games, vintage china and a curiosity. I’ve had my eye on this strange creature for a while trying to make my mind up exactly what it is. It has a plump linen body and four dangly limbs. Then last week I noticed it had a friend and things made much more sense. The larger friend has antlers, so I’m thinking ‘moose’ or maybe a reindeer that failed to make it back into the Christmas decorations box.

Now, I know I’m a little strange but I even surprised myself when I started to feel sorry for the poor antler-less creature on the shelf. What had happened to his headgear? Does he live a jealous life in the shadow of his friend’s large antlers?

Today I turned craft guerilla. I whipped up a pair of felt antlers, popped them in my handbag and headed out for a chai latte. Once installed in the café, I had to pick my moment. It took an age for the room to empty, then I had to move quickly to safety pin the new antlers to the mini moose’s head. It was done in a flash and there he sat on his shelf with his bold new headgear.

Have I advanced the cause of guerilla crafting? Have I lost my marbles? You decide. The one thing I do know is that this little adventure made me smile more than anything else this week.



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19 responses to “Guerilla crafting?

  1. Suddenly, I feel very relieved too.

  2. Ha Ha. Love it – you are going to have to go back soon and see if he still has his antlers (and let us know please). I also think they would both look good with tiny red garter stitch scarves……….. (just sayin’)

  3. That is in fact the coolest thing I’ve heard in a while!
    Happy reindeer, well done you!
    Ali x

  4. Ann

    Jenny you should be awarded a medal for bravery! What a heroine! Love it – and if I ever get to Bath I’ll be visiting Jacob’s to see if he’s still there….

  5. Oh, now I’m thinking how I could join in…. Hmmm. I’ll get back to you if I think of something!

  6. Tangleberry

    That really made me laugh! I can just imagine you sneaking around the coffee shop – hahahaha! Well done though! I think he is a worthy cause – he looks very proud with his new antlers on! 🙂

  7. Rosie

    Oh you fabulous thing! I love this.

  8. Love it! He looks much happier with his antlers. I think guerilla crafting is a great idea, I’m sure it brightened up lots of other people’s days as well as your own. Also mmmmm, chai latte!

  9. Brilliant! I’m sure he’s much happier now ;D
    Next time I’m in Bath I’ll have to pop in and see if he is still wearing them

  10. It made me smile too! And its nice to know I’m not the only one that starts re-designing places in my head!

  11. lyn

    how wonderful…you know he looks happier in the second photo….I’m sure he does!

  12. Molly

    This is such a great story. Glad you did it!

  13. quirky

    A craftastic random act of kindness. Perfect!

  14. Flo

    what a brilliant idea…it’s like banksy but in fabric!! fab!! Maybe a nice wee knitted jumper for him and his friend could be next? 😀

  15. Jenny P

    Jenny, that is hilarious! But it’s not a gorilla… it’s a moose, oh ho ho!

  16. I thought it was a hippo ….

  17. I just found your dear little mouse patterns in Mollie Makes….they are the best….I am going to start a mouse family this week!! Thanks!

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