Little squeaky treats!

I’m thrilled that so many stitchers have set to work on my Mollie Makes mice. I’ve just had a real treat looking through some of the photos on the Mollie Makes Facebook page. I love what everyone has done and all the little personal twists added. Thank you to everyone who has shared pictures: top row from left to right: Louise Davies, Caroline Roberts (just look at that little handbag!), Shirley Fulton. Bottom row: Isobel Woodcock, Sally Roydhouse and Karen Heather.

If you fancy making a mouse for yourself, there’s still chance to win a little fabric kit. Just leave me a comment and it could be yours. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment so far, I’ve really enjoyed reading why you want a mouse in your house.



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16 responses to “Little squeaky treats!

  1. lyn

    I have just uploaded a photo of my mouse Primrose!

  2. They are all looking very cute indeed!

  3. Rosie

    They look wonderful.

  4. berene

    These little mice are squeaktastic! I have quite a long list of projects on teh go but when I’ve whittled it down a bit. I’d just love to make one of these to go with my collection of little critters.

  5. Sue Brown

    Hi I’ve just entered your site for the first time. I have always had a love affair with mouse. I have collected Border Fine Arts Mouse for many years. My daughter would absolutely love too make one and the straight forward instructions make this possible. They are cute and loveable and would make a welcome addition to my mouse family. Sue Brown

  6. Christine Capece

    I’d love to make a mouse! They are so cute. They’d look cute in an Easter basket too!

  7. l’ve started my mice’s.. a think a family…l’ve cut and sewn NOW for the best bit..dressing them.l love pretend mice.l had a bride and groom,bridesmaid and vicar on my wedding cake sooo many years a go..l’ll dig them out and post a picture!THANKYOU for such a lovely pattern and inspiration..

  8. Rebecca

    I have just looked at this blog to find the little cardigan pattern & am thrilled to find that my little Mable mouse has cousins! I’m loving looking at everyones pictures they are all great!

  9. Mia Briggs

    Aha, the mice. I have started making a set of mice for my best friend who is a vicar. So far we have Grandad Jim for the Church of Saint James the Great, his wife Millie who is named after the Benefice, Daddy Mouse is Michael for the Church of Michael and All Angels, Momma Mouse is called Thea, and is of course the Rector, just little Jimmy for the Church of Saint James the Lesser and baby Trinity for Holy Trinity to make and the family will be complete and ready to be “looked after” by any little visitors on a Sunday morning. They are such fun!!!

  10. Deborah

    Love the mice pattern. I can’t wait to make the little cardi!

  11. I bought Mollie Makes and just love these sweet and adorable mice! And they really would look great between all my collected cats and the only mouse I have would then have a family, too!!

  12. Barb

    Wonderful!! A dollhouse awaits their arrival 😉
    Love your site.

  13. Finally finished my mice! They stretched my sewing skills a bit (probably a good thing!) but my kids love them now. I’m off to post my mice on the MM facebook page now! Gillian x

  14. Since a little girl I have loved he song about mice on the stairs. Very apt for these little darlings. Thank you for the lovely pattern.

  15. Fiona

    I saw the adorable mice on the Mollie Makes cover and bought it solely for them! I’ve never made anything like this at all, but have currently cut out my templates and looking forward to getting sewing! Love your blog x

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