Mollie Makes – mouse kit giveaway!

As promised I’m here to reveal a giveaway treat.

I’ve put together a little kit to make and dress two mice, one boy mouse and one smaller girl mouse. The kit includes ready-cut pieces to make two basic mice, beads for eyes and noses, embroidery thread for the details, plus a selection of fabrics (some new, some vintage) to create your own bit of mouse couture. I’m also including some fine wool and mini buttons in case you’d like to try my little cardi pattern.

I’ll select a winner at random on 14th March. If you’d like to take part, please leave me a comment telling me why you’d like a mouse in your house!



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192 responses to “Mollie Makes – mouse kit giveaway!

  1. I am a big fan of Mollie Makes and your mice are just beautiful! We need a mouse in our house because we have a small boat that needs rowing down the stairs – please tell me you remember Bagpuss and the mice in the mouse organ and my absolute fave episode as a child was the one when the mice sang ‘row row row the boat gently down the stairs’

  2. I would like this little mouse kit because my 14 year old son who has been called Mouse by me since he was a baby has just gone to live with my parents in India until September. I miss him dreadfully but he has been suffering so badly with his asthma in the UK that a little break from our weather seemed the only option. If I win I will make the mice up and send him the lady mouse and keep the boy one myself….he will think I’m a “saddo” but I will be cheered up looking at my mouse!!

  3. I adore your little mice, they remind me of the sorts of soft toys I had as a child. lease include my name in the draw for your kit

  4. lyn

    to torment the cat!

  5. Gill

    These mice would be far more welcome in my house than the real ones I’ve got at the moment who ate my Terry’s chocolate orange!

  6. cheryl

    My babies would love these little mice, and it might stop them nagging for a real pet for a little while!! well I can hope!

  7. I’d love a chance to win!
    I would love a mouse in our house because ( and being Scottish) I could sing “there’s a moose loose aboot this hoose”.
    Any chance to sing a silly song!
    Ali x

  8. I would love your mice kit – so I could make one for my daughter and youngest son (nearly teenage eldest son would be too embarrassed)- and they could come on our caravan travels with us ( I can see a “Mice on Holiday” travel journal in our future!)

  9. Bev

    Hi I would love this mouse kit, my mum is terrified of mice can’t even watch them on TV! Maybe making one for her would help her overcome her phobia as they are so cute, surely she couldn’t object to them!

  10. Cathy

    Please may I be considered as a potential carer for the mice? They could come and join the fun at my music group for preschoolers! x

  11. I would love to win your little mice kit! I am so excited to see them when I get my MollieMakes magazine on my doormat. Waiting is the hardest thing in life. 🙂

    Having some new mice in my house would be great fun to keep my current mouse company. His name is Boudewijn and is a Belgian gentleman who lives in my quilt studio.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  12. Jo Tiddy

    How about “please please please please”?
    Off to make some in my shed anyway, but I am craving that vintage fabric!

  13. Anna Socrates

    I would love to make the little mice to sit with my handmade cats in a peaceable kingdom!
    Anna S.

  14. Hi Jenny
    I love these little mice, they are so cute! I would love to win your kit; my boyfriend and I are moving into a lovely new place together tomorrow and I would love to make something to mark the landmark occaision – what could be better than a little couple of mices? :o) x

  15. Stephanie Kirk

    They are just too cute. My daughter Olive would love to play with them….if her mother let her! 🙂

  16. I’d like a mouse (or two) to sit on my desk at work and remind me of all the lovely things I could be making. Sally F

  17. I would love to give these mice a home, just because they are totally gorgeous.

  18. I’d love to make those mice for the Spring visit of my little grandee from Germany who loves mice. thanks for the chance…..

  19. Brionie Williams

    I would love to make them and bring cheer to my husband in the hospital. He loves cute little mice, he could make up stories to share with the kids 🙂

  20. As soon as I saw your cute mice, I just knew they needed to live with me! I ran out to the store to get the magazine, only to find I was too early…sigh!

  21. Charlotte Roberts

    Having exchanged contracts on my very first house today I would love the kits – very house should have its own little mice!!! Plus they are absolutely adorable!

  22. I’m always up for a new sewing challenge. We have many sweet stuffies, but not a mouse. As a toymaker and knitter this is the perfect project.

  23. Marie Odell

    I have been feeding a lovely little mouse in my greenhouse over winter with sunflower seeds.When he leaves a little mouse would remind me of him or her.

  24. They are gorgeous! I keep telling myself that I should learn to sew, but I never get around to it. This would be a great motivator.

  25. oohh I would so love to win this giveaway and make some mice for my children (well me really :-)). They are so so cute! Please pop me in your hat. x

  26. Bec

    I would like to make 3 little mice for three little bumpkins wo love anything small, cute and whimsical.
    They are beautiful

  27. carol Jackson

    Love these little mice! Living in the next village to Mousehole, u can never have too many mice ! lol. Thank u so much for the pattern . Cant wait to get started. Thought I’d Start with the cardi. Now for that pattern – needles & wool ready !!

  28. I would love a mouse in my house to come for tea and stay for me

  29. it was love at first sight….quite the most adorable hand make I’ve seen for ages ….beautiful and they will be less smelly than our real mousey boys!

  30. My boyfriend’s about to go to New York for two weeks so I could do with some furry friends to keep me company.

  31. tibisfriend

    Little mice would be so welcome to inspire my class who I am teaching how to use patterns, machines and how to hand sew, clip curves etc. Aged 13 they would love these cute critters. No project cuter or more inspiring …

  32. Vikki

    I’d like a mouse in my house to guard my fish from the cat!

  33. Froukje

    I just ordered “Het Muizenhuis”, a beautiful Dutch Childrens book by Karina Schaapman. This book and your mouse must be combined. My children will have lots of fun building a new house for your mouse.

  34. Joanne Woods

    I’d love to win as my daughter would love a whole family of these gorgeous meeces to play with! and also i absolutely LOVE the fabric for the boys waistcoat. It’s simply fabulous. 😀 xx

  35. oooo would love to win the wee mouse as I am know as mouse in the stitching world and my blog is
    I have been sent all sorts of wee mices from all over the world and these would look lovely in my collection as one of my friends said they reminded her of me 🙂 many thanks for the chance love mouse xxxxx

  36. Kathy O in GA

    I too have a thing for Valentine’s Day, as it is my birthday! I’d love to win the mousie kit to make…and I’m sure they would be out and about my house more than just the lovey holiday!

  37. Kathie Schleicher

    Your mice are sooooooooo cute. I would love this project to do when I sit to do my chemo, this would give all the other patients a big laugh. Thank you so much for the chance to win these.

  38. I would love to win these cute little mice as I love my cute little real life rodents, I’m a bit of a rat nut!

  39. Pauline Durante

    Two little treasures ! i would love to win mostly because i never win anything!
    They would look lovely in our new bome as we hope to move soon.
    lovely lovely work and so clever.
    Best wishes from Wales UK

  40. Njeri.

    When I give someone a handmade greeting card I love to include a little surprise like a finger puppet or handmade softee. These would be my new to go gift.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. Jan Meadows

    I would love to own these mice I would cherish them. They would take pride of place at my sewing desk and would keep me company and inspire me to make all the lovely items that are contained in each issue of Molly Makes. That magazine has opened up my whole life, I have now time to divulge my inner desires. Come share my workspace with me little mice, plenty of cheese to be enjoyed!
    Jan – aka Fluffella.

  42. Kayleigh Bramley

    Well I don’t think I’d like a real mouse in my house, as cute as they are, I don’t think my two kittens would play very nice..
    Who can resist these little made ones though?
    Adorable and kitten-friendly!

  43. Jennifer Cowan

    Hi Jenny, the mice you have designed are adorable! my two little lads are desperate for them to be made for them. The fabrics in your kit are just devine and it would really help me having everything to hand. Please pop me in your hat, Thank you.

  44. Ann

    I’m in the middle of making my Mummy mouse so it would be lovely to add to her family. They’d be quite safe here as my elderly pussy cat Sausage has sadly lost his sight over the last year…. and don’t my garden birds know it!!

  45. Lynn

    I would love to have your sweet mice in my house to hangout with me in my craft room!

  46. Loughview Lou

    these little mice are so cute, I would love the chance to try your kit as I have not yet tried something as intricate and I would like the challenge (and I can then give the finished product to my little niece as her companion, if it turned out well of course!) Best wishes.

  47. I’d love a sweet little mouse to keep me company while I do my crafty sewing. Found your blog via Molly Makes. Thank you for all that you do! xx

  48. I’d love a mouse or two to entertain my 2 year old. He loves all creatures great and small but hasn’t got a softie mouse yet.

  49. Molly

    I have two nieces who would LOVE a wonderful little mouse to play with (plus, I am very fond of them myself!!!!). I fell in love with them the moment I saw the cover of Mollie Makes!

  50. I am so in love with our mice…will be sorting thru my stash to see what vintage frocks they might wear..your creative style is amazing…I will add you to my blog roll..well done!

  51. I would squeak with joy to have a mouse to peep out at our guests and bring joy to all who visit us.

  52. Lynn Darby

    I’m not allowed to have pets in my apartment, but I’m sure I could have these guys. I’d even make them a mouse organ, so they could sing to my bagpuss.!

  53. Marie Elworthy

    I would love a mouse in my house because I know that my two girls and I would have the greatest time together designing and making clothes for his/her wardrobe. An outfit for every occasion, in every colour and pretty fabric we can find. Thank you x

  54. Jamsby

    These are adorable! I love them so much!

  55. Carol Anderson

    I am just learning to sew, I’ve made an owl pillow and 2 teddy bears. I was just surfing pinterest looking for a little mouse, and that is how I found you. These mousies are adorable and just what I was looking for. :)))

  56. I would love to win your mouse kit! Although I might try my hand at the little cardi in the meantime. I just happen to have some yummy lace weight baby alpaca yarn. Thanks for the inspiration!

  57. Helen Rehman

    I’m new to sewing and to craft
    Since finding ‘Mollie Makes’ I’m daft
    with trying to learn all round the house
    And what would really help’s a MOUSE!

  58. Sue

    Having done all I can to rid my house of some recent mice “guests” in my kitchen, I would love to welcome some mice I’d be pleased to share my home with!!

  59. Sophie Philpot

    I have just found out about ‘Le Petite Souris'(the little mouse) which is the french version of the tooth fairy! I would love to have a little mouse who comes to my daughter when she starts to lose her baby teeth. Sophie x

  60. Saskia

    My 5 year old daughter Noa Elise Catherine just loves to craft….just like her mom and dad…she is super creative and handy for a 5 year old… the attic we have our own atelier and love to spend time together….the mouse kit would be a really nice project to make together….so please please please let us win it 🙂 although we live in the Netherlands….do mice fly around the world?

  61. I love the mouse kit as it’d not only entertain me, but the cat and kids’d love it too……….. All round appreciation! 🙂

  62. Jay

    Would like to win your mouse kits for my grandchild (due June) and they would also look great alongside the mice I knitted from Mary Jane’s Tearoom patterns.

  63. it would make a lovely change yo have these mice in the house rather than the ones that eat all the plastic plumbing 🙂

  64. Lorri Fidler

    Mice to decorate my office desk…so darling

  65. Chris edwards

    I forgot to say why i would like the mice,to keep the cat company.

  66. Love your mousekit so I would love to win. Why? I bought myself a nice book, it is Dutch, Het Muizenhuis. In the mousehouse live some beautifull knitted mice. The mice are knitted by Karina Schaapman. She also tells the story about Sam en Julia, when you google you can visit her website. Knitting such nice mice, I don’t know if I can, but I would love to have them live in my home, so your kit would help me to have my own Sam and Julia.

  67. chasingawaytheblandMary Wild

    We have just moved house and it would be nice to have a couple of friendly mouse faces amongst all the chaos!

  68. Would like the little mice so they can sit and share a chunk of cheese together!

  69. denny

    I’d need the mice to fill the cari Im busy making! It would be such fun…

  70. Rebecca

    I think they would look at home and just so adorable sitting in my lounge room on the vintage shelves i did up.

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  71. These mice are absolutely fantastic and would be fantastic in our summerhouse…much prefer them to the real thing!

  72. Carolyn M

    I would make a mouse to represent my three children who aren’t as quiet as a mouse!!! My kids are as cute as your mice but make a bit more noise. I would love to win your prize too by the way!!

  73. I’d love to try and make these for my daughter, perhaps stop her wanting a real one!

  74. Because I can’t have real mice, I have cats! These two remind of the Mouse Organ Cats from Bagpuss

  75. Corey

    When I was a kid, my grandmother was terrified and disgusted by mice. For that reason, I always gave her something with a cute mouse on it as a gift as I loved her reaction. Now that I’m older and she has passed away, cute mice always remind me of my grandmother.

  76. Jo

    I would love to make the mice. Hopefully they would take my mind off the rats with hob nailed boots on in our loft!

  77. Jan

    I don’t have children, but I know two little girls who would love these mice as a gift from their Aunty Jan. In my head, I’ve already designed a wardrobe of clothes for them to have adventures in.

  78. Amanda

    My son and his girlfriend and home for a while after travelling in India and Vietnam…. now they tell me they are leaving me again to get their own place. The mice could be my new children xx

  79. Charlotte

    I would like to win your mouse kit to make my dear friend Lottie a present. She studies Textile Design and is always making me precious handmade gifts and I would love to thank her by making her something in precious in return. x

  80. Karyn

    We’d love three kind mice in our house,
    All dressed in their Sunday best
    The boy in a waistcoat , the girls in a dress
    We’d sew them all to our very best
    We love your cute mice, please let them come to play..
    The beds are ready, please post them our way…

  81. Jacqui Parry

    I would so love the mouse kit to come to my door
    for the postman to drop them carefully on my hall floor
    when made these little mice could live in our school
    I don’t think we would be breaking a rule
    The mice would bring joy and happiness everyday
    and could enjoy going out to play!

  82. Oh how gorgeous! I have a little girl we call mouse so it would be fab to make one for her very own. They are gorgeous, fantastic design

  83. Nancy B

    I would so love to win your mouse kit! We called our daughter “Miss Mousey” when she was growing up as she had such a tiny face and features. Now she has three little mouse children and I know she would love the tiny boy and girl mouse. Thanks.

  84. Beth Wolchock-Brown

    I would love to win your Mouse Kit! They would be so much fun to make together with my daughter, who is just learning to sew. Thanks, Beth

  85. Beep

    I would love to make the mice as they would be friendlier and hopefully larger than whatever is making a racket in our kitchen cupboards (I’m hiding upstairs from it at the moment as I can’t face something scuttling out).

  86. I was just leafing through the Mollie Makes with the mice in it and decided to come over to download the knitting pattern; I can probably manage to finish the cardi but the mice would be a bit more of a project just getting the materials so to have a kit would make an ideal giveaway for me.

  87. i´d like the mouse in my house!

  88. Oooooo….adorable! To make with my oldest daughter(9) and for the littlest(5) also to play in her Rabbithouse! The rabbits are also made of fabric and the meece are so cute fitting with them. The rabbithouse is in the make (the design) and when there gonna to live meece, I will make a room under the rabbitsbed the meece can live, with bobbins yarn as stools and….. The rabbitsbed will be higher with a closet under it and doors like the Dutch beds in old houses. Oooooo…. I love to win!
    Love Miss Moos

  89. denise

    Would love to win the mice kit! Thanks. Why do I need mice – my daughter recently moved out with her cat and mine – So…… while the cats are away – the mice could come out to play!

  90. Margaret W Fairgrieve

    Hello. My family is full of Twins 7 sets living and many more in our family history I myself a twin would love to have these wonderful little mice to make as I remember my mother sewing me lovely dress and Knitting wonderful fairisle cardie.

  91. I would love a mouse or two in my house!! they are so cute and stylish. I love everything in Molly Makes. Well done being in the magazine. This would sit really well with the other collection of littlies that we have

  92. Jo Underwood

    I’d love the mice for my children, one for my little boy and one for my little girl – age just 4 and 2 and just before I go in for an operation.

  93. Julie wise

    My daughter Harriet has just gone away 2 university. She is quite lonely & her new bedroom is a tip! If she had a beautiful little mouse as a room mate, she would have 2 keep her room tidy & she wouldnt be so lonely any more!
    Kind regards
    Julie x

  94. Hazel & Jessy the Gerbil

    Hello. We have a very lonely pet gerbil at our nursery school who could really do with two new chums to keep her company! They could nibble on buiscuts and fruit together and then get up to mischief in hamster exercising ball. Then when everyone has gone home in the evenings they could run around the classroom and play on the choo choo train set and read story books together! Jessy the gerbil would love love love it! Heres hoping you can make a little lonely gerbil a happy little gerbil! Many Thanks Jenny. Hazel & Jessy xx

  95. Hazel & Jessy the Gerbil

    Hello Jenny. At our nursery school we have a very lonely little gerbil. It would be great if she could have two new chums to keep her company!! She’d love it. They could nibble on biscuits and fruit together and get up to mischief in the hamster exercising ball. Then when all the kiddy winkles have gone home they could run around the classroom and have rides on the choo choo train set and read story books together. Heres hoping you can make this lonely little gerbil and happy little gerbil! Many Thanks. Love Hazel and Jessy xx

  96. Hello Jenny. At our nursery school we have a very lonely little gerbil. It would be great if she could have two new chums to keep her company!! She’d love it. They could nibble on buiscuits and fruit together and get up to mischief in the hamster exercising ball. Then when all the kiddy winkles have gone home they could run around the classroom and have rides on the choo choo train set and read story books together. Heres hoping you can make this lonely little gerbil and happy little gerbil! Many Thanks. Love Hazel and Jessy xx

  97. Heidy

    Why a mouse in my house? To send a message to the real one who is running all the night in the attic of our house 🙂
    And because I really love Mollie makes and the adorable projects it proposes! Your mice are cut and I am sure it would be happy at home 🙂

  98. Jean Rix

    Hi Jenny, I have just discovered your blog through the Mollie Makes magazine and downloaded the little cardie pattern, so cute! I would love the kit to make the mice to go with the cardies for my 2 granddaughters, they will adore them. Looking forward to trying more of your designs, keep them coming….. love Jean

  99. Peta-ann Cowan

    I think these are reay cute. I have semi retired and am rediscovering all my craft loves. I have two cute grandsons who would just love to have these to come and play with. I would love to be in your draw for the new mouse owners.
    Keep crafting! 🙂

  100. Else M Tennessen

    Every since I was a little girl, I’ve loved dressed animals, especially little mice. So your wee creations are right up my alley and would be perfectly at home in my house! And they would make good friends for my guinea pig!

  101. Nancy in Illinois, USA

    When I saw those little mice in Mollie Makes I knew I wanted to make them for my niece. She had pet mice for years but always felt so badly when they passed away. I thought these would be perfect because she could keep them and they would love living with all her other stuffed animals.

  102. Katherine Schumacher

    I would love to win this mouse kit for my ten year old daughter to make. She loves to sew little creatures she makes up in her head and would be tickled pink over two cute mice! I buy her Mollie Makes magazine every month but because we live in Canada we are always two issues behind!

  103. Hand crafted animals (rabbits and mice) are just too adorable; these are the perfect size for small hands (wee ones).

  104. Sally

    I have only just discovered Mollie Makes and am new to crafting but of all the craft books on the shelves once I had seen your Little Mice I was hooked. I have three grandchildren, 2 girls and a boy, i am going to attempt to make your little family as Easter gifts for them. Thats if I can part with them, so the little kits you are offering free would come in really handy, FOR ME. lol

  105. Liz

    I would like to win this kit as I think mice are twice as nice… as any other small pet!
    My 10 year old daughter is keen on sewing so we could make one each!

  106. Hi Jenny, Our little puppers Lola Mae is sometimes alone in the house for many hours at a time whilst we are at work. How nice it would be for her to have some tiny mousey friends to keep her company!

  107. Clare, Paige, Mary and Guy Bicker-Caarten

    Hello, we all love your little mice. Infact we have knitted two little cardigans already – although they dont look half as lovely as your ones. I have three young (12,10 and 8) children and they all love your mice. My older one has your latest magazine and is totally inspired.! Thanks Clare

  108. Gill

    I need a mouse in my house because my two boys Oscar and Archie are desperate for a pet! Plus the 14th of March, is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Il be 38 and those little mice would definately cushion this blow!!xx

  109. Ashley

    Because I’ve just finished one of your mice and my daughters have decided they need lots of friends! I would love to spend all day cutting out little body parts, but sadly don’t have time… it would delight two little girls to have more mice to play with and perhaps inspire them to sew their own in a few years…. Ashley x

  110. Helen

    Because now I’ve seen them my home won’t be quite complete without them !

  111. Daisy-flea-bane

    We need mice in the house because our dear cats Lizzie and Rosie eat all the real ones, and now my dolls house is quite empty. It would be so much cosier with a couple of dear little mice busying themselves amongst the furnishings! I am simply captivated by your mice. Thank you for sharing your lovely creativity with the Mollie-Makes-world. Claudia

  112. These beautifully turned out mice look like they would be pretty handy with a needle and thread so I could really use their help with my rather daunting pile of projects to make…

  113. tabl

    I would love the chance to win one of these cute little mice!
    I teach kindergarten and we have an alpha friend named Mimi Mouse for the letter “m” of course. My students would adore a classroom pet Mimi mouse (or Mr. Mouse)! I try to incorporate handmade items in my classroom.

  114. Judy

    These gorgeous mice are the only ones my children will ever be allowed to have as pets!! Congrats on the great pattern in Mollie Makes it arrived today!

  115. Mirjam

    Cat free house – safe to roam around for adventurous mice.
    Located in Holland – prime cheese country.
    I’m single – they’ll get lots of cuddles.
    My young godson has a penchant for all creatures small – lots of playtime garantueed.
    Once they find my fabric stash, there might well be some pitterpatter of tiny mouse feet.
    Most of all, they’re just plain adorable!

  116. Emma Ross

    Hi Jenny, love your blog whih I have discovered through Mollie Makes. We have a mouse in our house that was purchased from a well lnown Sweedish store but she despertaely needs a family to keep her company! Hope you will consider our lonely mouse for yiour give away! Emma Ross

  117. Your mice are so cute. I would love to have some mice sitting in my window…

  118. Hi Jenny – I’ve just discovered Mollie Makes magazine – the issue with your beautiful mice on the front. Today I started making two for my daughters – aged 6 and 4 – they have also enjoyed flipping through the magazine and looking at all the great articles and pics. I’m a New Zealander living in Belgium and after finishing the issue I have subscribed to the magazine so I can enjoy all the gorgeousness every month 🙂
    I now have eight stuffed limbs ready for body attachment! I can already see how fabulous the mice are going to be when finished and know I will be making more. A pre cut set would be brilliant! Thanks Jenny…Christina

  119. I would so enjoy making these mice – and I’d love some mice for me rather than the ones my cats bring me : )

  120. Nadine

    I’ love to sew those two gorgeous mice and give them a loving home here. It would be the perfect procrastinatopn project because sewing is so much better than grading student papers!!

  121. Jo te raa

    What a wonderful blog you have!

    I am from the uk but I live now in holland in a tiny fishing village. I don’t live in a windmill like my neighbour so mice can’t dance in clogs on my stairs:(…. I would love to make a family of mice who could tip tippy tap all night long and bring a bit of England back into my home!

    Great give away and thank you for the chance!

  122. Emma

    Me and my boys had a short half term holiday, and stayed in an old cottage where there was… a mouse! I spotted it first when I was reading quietly to the youngest boy. I foolishly meantioned it to the owner who came armed with death traps that very afternoon. I told myself I would catch that mouse and put it outside, and I did, with a wire bin and a picture book! But when I set the wee creature free outside, it ran up my trouser leg! I was very brave, and amid shrieking boys I managed to shake it gently free where it dashed towards the flower bed, persued by the boys. I would love to have another mouse friend, but a tamer, more prettily dressed one!

  123. I cross my fingers to win. cause: ” is the cat out of the house ….. all mice are dancing;)”….. it would be a nice present for my daughter….she really is a mice lover* hugs from DK *Marie*

  124. I would love to have your mouse kit to make a pair of mice for my youngest son to take to University with him in the fall to remind him of his crazy mother and how much he is loved. Thank you.

  125. julie

    I recently lost both my cats of ten years. Seeing a grand opportunity, a mouse has moved in. I haven’t the heart to capture him yet, via live trap, since we are in the dredges of winter. He has no home or food stores after all! Having a mouse kit will help me come to my senses so I can release the beast n keep the doll.

  126. They are so lovely, and would go well in the nursery I am putting together!

  127. Carol

    My two girls love mice, more so after reading Gruffulo 🙂 I couldn’t wait to buy MM this month when I saw the mice on the cover! I love the colour combo you choose for the kit.

  128. suzanara

    sugar and spice and all things mice,molly makes crafting twice as nice!!

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  130. Brynne

    As soon as we saw the preview of the cover, my mom and I decided that was going to be our project during her next visit since we live much too far from each other and only are able to see each other a few times a year. My issue arrived in the mail today and I’m so excited to get the templates ready so we can craft together. The mice will be for my two-year-old daughter to play with in her “animal house.”

  131. kim

    Not sure if you are accepting international entries. I would love a mouse in the house because they remind me so much of a much loved mouse I had as a child but must have given away. I remember her having a cute red gingham dress!

  132. Nathalie

    they are just so sweet! such a lovely giveaway. thank you!

  133. stitchnmaille

    I love your little mice! I’d love to make one as my first ever project on my new sewing machine! I’m so excited because I’ve never had a sewing machine of my own before 🙂 I think the mouse project would be a great way of christening it 😀

  134. I have two small creatures in my house who would love your mice!

  135. …. to scare away next door’s cat who keeps leaving us ‘presents’ in the garden! Love these SO much… cutest Mollie Makes cover yet!

  136. The 4 o'clock Angel

    Hi I have just come across your lovely mice in Mollie Makes
    I would love to be considered for your mouse kit as we have some of the real ones that torment me at night , hence why I have called myself The 4 o’clock Angel and having some of your lovely ones might help me to forgive the ones we have. i swear that they wear clogs!!!

  137. I’d love a little mouse in the house that isn’t of the scampering food nibbling kind.

  138. Mrs Wendy Walker

    Hi. I would love to be considered for your lovely mouse kit as they remind me so much of the mice that my grandma bought for me when I was little. Also they would provide lovely pets for my two kids. Xx

  139. Bordergirl

    Great magazine. Love the crafts. What a delightful mousie kit to make for my nephew’s baby. As a child, I had mice for pets – how sweet they were! Your mousie kit captures my imagination and make a gift any child would love.

  140. Kay

    I would love these adorable mice simply because they would make me smile, and we all deserve to be happy don’t we!

  141. Christine Capece

    I’d love a mouse in our house! My son would love to play with one of these — or maybe even a whole tribe of them! I best get to work soon! Or maybe I’ll make and save for his Easter basket and surprise him!

  142. I’d love to win this kit! It could keep the one that keeps eating up our birdseed company!

  143. I’d love to win the mouse kit – I’m planing to make some for my daughters!

  144. Shannon

    The mice are too cute. I love making tiny animals, but tiny mice clothes and cardigans is a whole new level of awesome!

  145. I’d love a mouse in our house, they are ace. I know they’d love to join my motley crew of alternative stuffies! Gutted to have missed this month’s issue of Mollie Makes too, everywhere sold out so quick! x

  146. Janet Killips

    These mice are adorable! I would love to try and make one.

  147. carolbarker

    I love these mice and always kept mice as a child. I now have 2 cats, 2 tortoises and many goldish and chickens and so no longer keep live mice, but would love to make these to keep in my home.
    Well done I think they are gorgeous and making my Mum the larger girl mouse with the cardi for mothers day.

  148. Angela Duffy

    I dont need a mouse in my house but a mouse in my sewing studio. I’m lucky to have somewhere to craft and sew and would love a companion to use up all my scrap pieces to make a wonderful wardrobe for my new friend.

  149. Barb

    Our very cosy dollhouse is waiting for them.

  150. I would definately love a mouse in my house! My kids would just adore them and I love making up softies – in fact it is quite an addiction of mine! A beautiful design and I love the size of them – they are just so cute!

  151. Lynda

    I’m on my second and third mouse having made the first for my daughter who has just come out of hospital. (She’s 28 and loved miss mouse). They are so satisfying to make and clothe. Thank you for the patterns. (I made the cardigan in angora… very cute). I would love to win the mouse kit to give away as a present to someone I know would love to make one. x

  152. Marilyn

    I have just finished my first mouse complete with dress and cardi. Your instructions were easy to follow and I am so pleased with it that I would love to make more. I often give up on projects half way through, but found a lot of joy in creating this wonderful little creature.

  153. Jacqui

    Your mice are adorable! My little craft room really needs a family of mice to look after it when I’m not in there. They remind me of the helpful mice in Disney’s Cinderella. :o)

  154. Elizabeth Brunner

    I have a house full of cats. A few mice would be the perfect addition!

  155. I bought my 1st issue this week and it was because of the super cute mice on the front as well as the yummy key ring which I made in about an hour I would love the chance to win a kit pre made up from your stash thank you. Love Dawn xx

  156. Charlotte

    I’d love a mouse in my house to eat all the crumbs, then I won’t have to clean the floor.

  157. Sarah

    They are so cute and I’d love to make them for my sister, who is having a baby in May. xxxx

  158. They are so cute! My name is Becky and I’m 14 and I love reading Mollie Makes! The mouses are adorable and I started making the head for one of them although I would love two more mousies! I love the mouse with the waistcoat on aswell, so adorable!
    Thankyou for the chance to win!!
    – Becky x

  159. Caroline crane

    Would love a mouse in the house to match the mice in the barn at the stables. They are so cute.

  160. Elizabeth Brown

    The mice are adorable! Would love to make them with my daughter here in New Jersery. We would keep one here with us and send the other off to summer camp to keep her company while far from home.

  161. Dear Jenny
    My mum reads your magazine I and enjoyed looking at the pictures of your cute mice with her.
    Unfortunately we have had a death in our family:(((
    My big brother Bob has recently had to say goodbye to his pet hamster Morris:(((
    Morris was a big three but he was blind and couldn’t see his food anymore. We buried Morris in a box with lots of Bobbies keepsake things (Pokemon cards, Top Gear cars and a Nintendo DS game).
    I helped to wrap him up in tissue paper and we placed the box by the daffodils in our garden.
    Morris the real hamster is now playing with his friends in heaven. (and he can see again;)
    Bobbie says he doesn’t want another hamster yet and I think its because his heart hasn’t healed.
    Please please please could you think about sending your mice to come and live with us?
    I think they will be able to mend Bobbies broken heart and get him to smile again ♥ ♥ ♥
    My big brother can be a bit spiky at times but he is one of my best friends. I don’t like to see him sad and I think if me and my mum made these for Bob he would be happy again.
    Love from Emily
    Aged 5

  162. time-not-cash (ravelry)

    We had a pet mouse called Becky. And I’d like to win but I’d really like to be able to gift the prize to little Emily age 5 (Issy Gardiner) above. Imagine the smiles as she gets her parcel in the post and helps mum to make the mice for her and her brother. Anyway, an Emily should have mice in her life. It would be just like Bagpuss which I loved to watch at Emily’s age.
    Thanks Jenny x

  163. Fiona Crooks Smith

    Hi there. Your little meecies are just lovely. I can’t wait to make them. I would love to win your kit to make the little girl and a boy mice because they would remind me of my twins, Katie and Tom, who are now off at Uni being clever! I miss them loads! Thank you.

  164. ADELE


  165. Molly

    Your mice are the cutest stuffed animals I have ever seen and I would LOVE to have one in my house 🙂

  166. As a novice crafter I would love the chance to see one of my very first projects through to the end, I am a cross stitcher really!! If they are easy I can make them with my Brownie Pack…they will love them!

  167. Lindsay Aldridge

    One of these beautiful little mice would make the perfect playmate for my daughter. She is always looking for new patients to practice her nursing skills on!

  168. Elaine Bolton

    I would love your mouse kit, I’m a knitter really but I have seen this pattern in Mollie makes and I’m really excited about giving it a whirl. The mice are so pretty, I’m keeping everything crossed that I get drawn.
    Best wishes
    Elaine, Cornwall

  169. Deborah Thomas

    I love your mice! I have just finished knitting a mini cardi and need a beautiful mouse to wear it!

  170. Who wouldn’t love a mouse in your house when they are this adorable! Plus, my granddaughters would love these and I’m sure would love helping to make them. Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  171. hi!!
    please tell me I’m stilll in time for the giveaway..
    I found you today , and your mice are the most beautiful I have ever seen.. as soon as I saw them I thought “I could make some and dress in red and white for the christmas tree”
    keep your blog and will come to visit soon
    vivi from argentina

  172. Trish

    I would like a mouse in my house because it is my birthday this Sunday AND it is the birthday of my, not so little, mouse (14 already) ………

  173. Tricia

    I love your gorgeous little mice!~Thank you for sharing with us!

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  175. Susan

    Just bought the magazine so I could make your little mice! I see I missed the give away …. do you sell kits?

  176. zjb

    Too late I know but I felt I should say, three generations of my family have been caught up in ‘mini mus’ fever!
    I am a newly resigned NHS nurse and, whilst caring for my mother post cataracts (both), I made the first Minimus. Mum, with her new eyes, loved it, I sent a photo of 1st Minimus in the rude B.C. (before clothes) to my daughter who, on her next visit home, lifted my copy of Mollie Makes!! I have crotched a miniscule cotton shawl to hide mouse blushes and my daughter now has her own subscription to MM!!! Today, I have found the cardi pattern……..lucky Min!!! Well done Mollie Makes, you have three new slaves. : )

    • I’m sorry to say that I think my relative are spread too far apart across the country to be able to get together like was done during my patn8rs&#e217; generation to do things like decorating graves. Burials do draw a fairly big group of relatives. Grave decorating would probably not bring them together.

  177. Pingback: Mollie Makes issue 11, out now! - Mollie Makes

  178. Diana

    I love your little mice and would love to make them for my granddaughters to play with when they visit my house. They would be intrigued by them.

  179. Linda

    I used to have 2 little mice that sat on the shelf, but they had to be thrown away after a house fire made them too smoky. I’d love to make these 2 to replace them!

  180. Marisela Vasquez

    Hi! I’m a quilter, but I have always have had a love affair for all stuff animals. Even now that my daughters are out of the house I still like to collect them. As a quilter I would love to learn how to do this little mouse, to give out to people, including my daughters that are far away now.

  181. miriam

    hello i am 11 years old and have loved all your magazines especially your stuffed animals we have 2 of your books at home woodland friends and paper and craft i think your mice are really cool i have tried making clothes for my sylvanians but they have very hard sizes to fit i have also been watching the great British sewing bee and have been inspired by the different sewing techniques and then i saw your mouse pattern and fell in love with these sweet wood land creatures who i could imagine in a little carved mushroom with stick furniture i love the flowery clothes as-well and we have lots of pretty vintage flower print that would suit them nicely as an 80’s cocktail dress or a summer stunner and i have a very fetching striped material that would do for a suit or a jacket maybe and i have stuff that u can mold and then it turns into hard rubber or plastic which could be turned into special shoes and after watching the latest sewing bee i could even attempt a corset but i would not of course include uncomfortable metal bits in it please consider me yours Miriam Marais xx

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  184. Mindy Goddard

    I would love to find your pattern to make the mice! The mice would make a wonderful gift for my grandparents.

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