Mad about Valentines

My Mollie Makes mice returned home from the magazine last week, so I thought I’d have a bit of fun taking my own photos. In my haste to get them finished in time for the magazine cover shoot, I didn’t take any shots before I sent then off. I originally made a little family of three but I couldn’t help thinking that just two might make a fun romantic gift, maybe for a newly engaged couple.

I always get unaccountably slushy around Valentines Day. I found myself smiling at the gingerbread men with iced pink hearts in the supermarket yesterday. So you can imagine it wasn’t long before I’d posed a girl and boy mouse holding paws and forming their tales into a heart shape. There’s no hope for me!

The sensible side of this mouse romance is that it’s inspired me to do a little giveaway. Pop back on Thursday and I will reveal all.



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7 responses to “Mad about Valentines

  1. Katy

    Awww so glad there home safe with you 🙂 i LOVE valentines day!

    Look forward to seeing what you have in mind for a giveaway!

    Much Love Katy x

  2. Gill

    So cute!
    I’m looking forward to tracking down a copy of Mollie Makes!

  3. lyn

    just ‘found’ you through Mollie Makes (what a great magazine) I love your mice and I am just about to have a go at making some….wish me luck!

  4. I love your mice. I had great fun making one at the weekend and will be trying the tiny cardigan too.

  5. Jo Tiddy

    Do you hand stitch or use a machine – my (half finished) mouse has just been catapulted across the room in frustration. I was trying to machine it…

  6. Michelle Collins

    How cute I love those little mice , great prize !!

  7. lissa

    can we buy the pattern for these

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