Mollie Makes – free mini knit!

In this chilly UK weather, any mouse will be needing a new cardi to keep warm. This mini knit is a wee bonus to go with my project in the brand new issue of Mollie Makes. It’s ever so easy to make, so please download and enjoy!

Mollie Makes free mini knit



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37 responses to “Mollie Makes – free mini knit!

  1. Karen J

    Just got my copy of Mollie Makes through the post today – your mice are just gorgeous! Can’t wait to use some of my vintage fabric to make them. Thank goodness it’s half term and I’m off work!

  2. Hi Jenny, I’m trying to get in contact with you, do you have an email address please? I have made a mouse from the Mollie Makes magazine. if you could contact me that would be great.

    scrapmad@hotmail dot co dot uk

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  4. genevieve jackman

    I have just printed off the cardigan pattern ~ thanks for that and am looking forward to making that up maybe tonight can’t wait and will attempt the mouse from the Mollie Makes Magazine soon too. Off to work now but will browse through your blog when I have some more time am sure it will be well worth it!! Thankyou x Genevieve

  5. Jacqueline

    Hi – I absolutely love these little mice and their retro outfits. I don’t seem to be able to download the miniknit pdf, I’m also unable to find the templates for Molliemakes patterns…..feeling a bit perplexed. Can anyone help please??

  6. Lizz Radcliffe

    Thank you Jenny these are really sweet creatures… I have a lot of fabric spare bits in my stash and quite a lot of wool… would love to make a family of the mice to give to friends.. I’m looking forward to yet another project!
    I’m on half term too like Karen J… sadly it’s back to school on Monday… but there’s always lunchtime!
    thank you again
    Lizz Radcliffe

  7. Chris edwards

    Loved your mice.Looking forward to making them.Cute cardi too.
    Best wishes

  8. This project is so cute. I just downloaded the Mollie Magazine and am going to set to work on the sweater this afternoon. Miss Cindy, Social Circle,Georgia USA!

  9. Faith Elford

    Dear Jenny, your mice are utterly adorable. when I was a little girl, I owned a dolls house with a family of felt mice who lived inside. I spent many happy hours playing with them and have never seen anything like them since. I would love to win your little kit so that I could make a similar set for my young daughter to enjoy in the same way I did.

  10. Hi, thanks for the pattern, the cardigan is so lovely.
    I’m having a bit of trouble though, this might be a stupid question but what are you supposed to do with the stitches that you put on the stitch holder?
    If anybody could help it would be very much appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Hannah, so sorry if my pattern wasn’t clear (it’s the first time I’ve written anything like this!) The stitches on the holder make the second side of the cardi front. Once you finish the first side, you pop the stitches on the holder back on your needle and work as you did the first. Let me know if this goes ok. Jenny

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  13. Flo

    going to make a whole family of these mice to adorn my upcoming rebuild/redesign of my lounge. I have the perfect spot for them on a shelf in a picture frame! They’re going to be looking soo mousey up there in their retro clothes. Brilliant. (have only just discovered mollie makes and i’m in love!! sigh…my creative juices are flowing once again…it’s been too long!) 😛

  14. Can’t wait to make a little mouse with it’s cardi on. My friend needs a mouse in her house!

  15. Sarah

    Hello, I wonder if you could help, I am new to sewing and trying to make the small mouse for my nephew. I have got to the body and the instructions say to “stitch along the vertical slit in the body front”. I’m a bit unsure how I am supposed to be stitching along it and would be really grateful for some guidance… like I said I am new to sewing!
    Many thanks


    • Hi Sarah, sorry you’re having trouble with this but I’m sure it can be sorted out. The vertical slit is to shape the body. Treat it like a seam, as if you were joining two pieces of fabric together. Fold the body so you’ve the raw edges of the slit together. Use a small running stitch, hand or machine, to stitch the two pieces together. Make sure you finish each end securely. Open out the body shape do that it’s flat again and you’ll see it has a slightly curved shape to give your mouse a little tummy. I hope this helps, please say if you need anything more.

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  17. Michelle


    Where can I get the mouse pattern from please. Never seen this magazine in the shops either 😦 Thanks x

  18. lu douglas

    love, love, love the not-so-blind-mice (after the nursery rhyme) and the clothes! very very cute!

  19. Delores Daundivier

    I was so delighted to find a copy of your magazine in a Barns&Noble bookstore that I picked it up and couldn’t put it down and I reread them over and over. I even get copies in on my i-pad. Keep up the wonderful work. Little mice are so darling, I have made mice before but that was many years ago. I am 70+ years now And still love the little mice. Making them today.

  20. Is there some way I could send you an email with a picture of my mini cardi? I am having trouble with the pattern. Am an experienced knitter, have knitted the little sweater three times and ended up with the same problems. I know I am doing something wrong. Help! My granddaugher’s other grandma is making a mouse for her and asked me to knit the sweater as she is not a knitter. Oh dear.

  21. Lynette

    Is the front of the cardi meant to be longer than the back? Should it really be 12 rows of stocking stitch after casting off the 12 stitches or 6 rows?

  22. I am thrilled with finding you! I was gifted a fabulous Mollie Makes magazine and I havent put it down since yesterday when it arrived. A lovely British cyber ♥ (Faye at sent it to me with some handmade treasures for my Bday, I feel like I have just won the lottery!! Your mice, your generous knit cardi and excellent directions have been the super best gift this duck has ever had….huge hugs…♥Debi

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  24. I have that issue of Mollie Makers and I have happily made the mouse and cardi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Mollie Makers mag and hate living so far away from it….Thank yuo for the excellent tutor………………♥Debi in Canada

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  31. Laurie Bennion

    saw these on pinterest and fell in love with them, I am new to sewing and would love to make these for my granddaughter.
    I will have to make some for myself also. just tooo cute.

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