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Hollyhock House

Thank you for your comments about my ‘gentle sewing day’. Lavender1914 asked if she could have a peep at the 1930s embroidery pattern I referred to in my last post. So here it is! It’s only a simple line drawing but I had that ‘I’d like to live there’ feeling as soon as I saw it. I think it’s the Deco-style bay window and the dream I’ve always had of owning a house with a window seat. (Imagine what I’m like with an actual photo when I can invent all this from an embroidery design.)

As far as I know, transfers like this came without specific instructions and the embroiderers of the day happily selected colours and stitches to please themselves. As hobbyists I think we must have lost so confidence over the years. I for one like the comfort of instructions and a colour palette selected by a trusted designer. I may have some fun varying things as I go along but I do like a starting point.

I shall hunt out some old linen and do my best to select a muted palette to be true to the 1930’s feel of this design. It will take me a while to choose but I know for sure that those hollyhocks will be buttonhole wheels stitched in pink.


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