The power of dreams?

Do you ever have great ideas just before you go to sleep? I’m never sure if I’m actually asleep but I get some of my best crafting inspiration then. I can see exactly how to make the idea work and better still, see how fabulous the finished item will look. If only this could carry over into reality.

In just such a pre-sleep moment, I dreamed how amazing my Christmas cake could look with a simple iced design like I’d seen at Betty’s Teashop. I’d only have to mix up one colour of icing and have a little practice. The fact that I’d never used a piping bag before didn’t stop the power of my dream. This time the enthusiasm did carry over to the daytime and I set about icing my cake with excitement. How difficult could it be?

What was I thinking? I suddenly developed the shakiest hands ever! You can see the results for yourself. My top festive tip would be that you can cover up a lot with little silver balls. I’m also trying the diversion tactic of adding a big fancy ribbon around my cake. And yes, the pale pink patch on the right is where I was concentrating so hard on the front end of the piping bag, that I failed to notice what was spilling out of the back. Ah well, I don’t think Betty’s icing squad will be calling me anytime soon!



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3 responses to “The power of dreams?

  1. Well I think it’s lovely. Happy Christmas!

  2. When I saw the your picture I thought it was one of the prettiest cakes I’ve seen and wondered if it was an aspirational photo or one you’d made. When I scrolled down and read that you *had* made it I was even more impressed, and I can’t see any of the flaws you’ve pointed out! Happy Christmas!

  3. That is such a pretty cake… who wants perfection anyway?Often it’s the person who has made the thing that sees the faults. Others, like me, look at it and think WOW.
    I find it annoying getting ideas for crafts before going to sleep as I then can’t sleep for thinking about it, and am usually too comfy and snuggled to even want to get out of bed and start working on the idea. Thank heavens for bedside cupboards with notebooks and pens!

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