Christmas present

I feel properly Christmassy after an afternoon with my friend Rosie.

She lives less than an hour away, a very grey journey full of jaded shoppers with the only highlight a spaniel wearing a tinsel-decorated collar. The incredibly dark day and constant rain were soon forgotten as I entered Rosie’s home and fell in love with the way she’d decorated for Christmas. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves twinkled with fairy lights and cards cleverly displayed between the spines. The real treat was the mantelpiece. Baubles shone on lengths of red satin ribbon and the dramatic black fireplace was topped with a row of printers’ trays filled with tiny treasures – a little fawn, a doll from childhood, miniature parcels and pretty charms. I do hope she turns this into a tradition, adding new treats every year.

Rosie’s two-year-old, Phoebe, has just discovered the joy of parcels and was soon happily unwrapping my bag of goodies, including the new Alicia Paulson decorations. I hadn’t decided which would be for Rosie and which for her daughter, so we watched to see which she would take to most. The embroidered cup of hot chocolate won hands down, leaving Rosie the deer with a sparkly bottom.

As it turned out hot chocolate was the theme of the afternoon as Rosie made the most beautiful big mugs of chocolate for us and added the extra treat of pink and white marsh mallows. I loved watching Phoebe have her very first taste of hot chocolate from her own mini mug.

We sat and talked for ages in a post-chocolate haze, curled up on the big squashy leather sofa having a cuddle of Rosie’s beautiful new baby.  We dreamed about what we could make for Christmas if we had lots more time. We both love the idea of a Christmas village and had soon developed this into the crazy idea of making it in gingerbread. Maybe next year…



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2 responses to “Christmas present

  1. Gill

    I love the cup of hot chocolate!!

  2. Rosie

    You just made me cry. I had a lovely afternoon. Happy Christmas!

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