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Still blooming!

By the end of this week we’ll be in December, usually a month for gloves and scarves. So I find it a real treat that the window box outside my bathroom window is still happily blooming with bright geraniums. It will only take one frost to turn them into little blackened flags but they may even last a little longer as ground frosts are often not severe enough to reach their icy breath up as far as my first floor window ledges.

I was reading a gardening article earlier where the author declared “to be a gardener, you need to be an optimist”. For me the opposite is true. Sights like these flowers cheerfully hanging on long beyond their season lift my spirits way beyond expectations. When I arrived home with two small trays of bedding plants back in May, I was thinking only of how nice it would be to lie in the bath and admire them through the open window. I had no idea I’d still be enjoying the bright orange haze through the frosted glass as I made my plans for Christmas.

In my enthusiasm to give these cheery blooms a quick drink, I neglected to check if anyone was walking on the pavement below my window. A shout of “watch it mate!” soon revealed the error of my watering ways. My apologies if you were that person out for a sunny Sunday walk and encountered an unexpected shower!


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