Vintage embroidery treat

I’ve booked myself in for a bit of a treat next month. A whole day of embroidery. Jan Prior, owner of the fabulous Country Threads patchwork shop in Bath, is hosting a Vintage Embroidery Workshop. Jan has unearthed a hoard of 1920s and 30s designs for her class to play with, so bring on the crinoline ladies and hollyhocks! There’s also talk of French monograms, which made me dig out the collection of letters you can see above. I bought these some years ago at a textile sale and have never got round to using them.

There seem to be two types of monogram. One is like a thin felt which I imagine you use as a guide for padding out satin stitch (anyone else’s satin stitch always hopelessly uneven?). The second sort might be made for me as they are already stitched, so I guess they were made as a shortcut to the look. I’d love to know how old they are.

It might actually be a shame to use them considering how pretty they look stitched on to the backing cards with French print and the odd spot of damp. Maybe they should be artfully framed instead. Another thing for my list…


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