Celebrate National Apple Day!

Did you know that Friday 21st October is National Apple Day in the UK? Not an occasion I’ve celebrated in the past but it’s now definitely on my calendar since the Apple Tree Café, near Lands End, asked permission to run a workshop using the fabric apple templates from my recent project in Mollie Makes. This cosy community café and arts studio sounds like a lovely trip out. They’re hosting all sorts of apple-related events over the half term week and of course they have lots of apple cake to eat too. I’ve not visited yet but if I do I would have to try one of their lattes with apple-shaped foam. I do like it when things match.



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3 responses to “Celebrate National Apple Day!

  1. These are really cute, love apples!

  2. These are so cute! I must make some – they are perfect to add to Christmas presents as sockfillers. I think I’ll add some lavender as well 🙂
    I found them through Mollie Makes magazine which I bought this week in a newsagent in Lisbon.

  3. These are adorable! Now I have to find a way to make them useful.. (If I make something with actual use I feel much less guilty making them 😛 There’s always so much other stuff I have to do..)

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