Courgettes in cakes?

Being on the verge of having my own allotment is having an effect on all my thinking. At the moment I’m fascinated by the idea of sweet recipes featuring vegetables. The bathroom scales and I have a frosty relationship, so the idea of turning cakes into something healthier and less calorific is very appealing. So far I’ve baked a lemon cake which uses swede, which was quite successful. The recipe added lavender too. I liked the idea but unfortunately not the taste. I think the recipe would be fine without it. This cake also froze beautifully, which proved to be a brilliant way of stopping me scoffing it all at once! Next up was the scones you can see here, which contain courgette of all things. I would definitely bake these again as they not only tasted good, but also had a wonderfully rustic ‘good-for-you’ feel to them. If you fancy trying this for yourself Harry Eastwood is your woman. Her book Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache  gives you the recipes and explains the theory behind why each vegetable is suited to creating different treats. I love the diary alongside each creation detailing her trials and tribulations on the way to the perfect bake.



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6 responses to “Courgettes in cakes?

  1. I have eaten courgette cake before and it was delicious! I also love pumpkin cake.

  2. I’ll have to give that a try. My daughter is extremely resistant to vegetables, so any way I can hide them is good to me

  3. Cathy

    My mum makes cakes and biscuits similar to these, including one that includes beetroot in a chocolate cake! Keeps it moist, apparently.

  4. What is courgette? I’m in Virginia (USA) and I’m not familiar with it…. I just found your blog via the BYW e-class and I love your posts! I’m looking forward to reading more and hope you get your garden soon!! I don’t have a particularly green thumb but I always admire folks that do! I hope you enjoy the class!! ~ Jennifer

    • It’s the same as zucchini. I think there could be quite a lot of these once I get my allotment – and a lot more scones! In the meantime BYW is giving me so much to think about. Hope you’re enjoying it too. Jenny x

  5. I make a Courgette and Ginger cake which is delicious. Recipe is on my blog;

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