A very frustrated gardener

Potting shed or bathroom?

You may wonder who on earth lives in a house like this, where the bathroom floor is strewn with potting compost. Answer: it’s the home of a very frustrated gardener. My frustration is not with gardening, but the lack of a garden. In fact, any kind of garden/backyard/outside space at all. I adore my city centre flat but the lack of land is a high price to pay.

I compensate with elaborate window boxes at every window but maintenance of these means mess. I’m not sure many people plant seeds and pot up troughs on the bathroom floor. (The compost lives in the airing cupboard and an Ikea plastic box houses tools, pots, plant food, and so on. The latter is known as ‘The under-bed potting shed’ as that’s exactly where it has to live.)

The wonderful news is that I’ve worked my way up to no.4 on the allotment waiting list (to put this in context, I was no.125 when I first applied). This means I could be gardening at ground level within a year. Just the thought of this makes me smile, that and the little notebook I’m filling with notes of the things I’m longing to grow.



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9 responses to “A very frustrated gardener

  1. I saw you in Mollie Makes…. your bathroom floor probably would have some folks shaking their head in amazement, but I understand that need to grow things and have made similar messes indoors myself, long long ago. Now we have a huge back garden, with fruit, veggies, herbs, shrubs, cutting garden, trees, bird houses, nesting boxes, bug hotels (thank heavens for a handy husband) and a summerhouse from which to view it all – though when it’s too cold I just sit in the conservatory and stare. I love our garden so much and can understand oyur excitement about the allotment. Good luck with it… and your windowbox gardens too.

  2. Rosie

    This photo made me chuckle! Your window boxes are fab so I cannot wait to see what you get up to once you have the allotment.

  3. Bec

    How exciting to be number 4 on the list! I bet you have a long wish list of where to start πŸ™‚

  4. I think you bathroom floor looks lovely and natural πŸ™‚ It won’t be long before you are on your allotment.

  5. I quite like the natural look you have going on in your bathroom!

    I don’t have any outside space either and try to have potted flowers, herbs etc throughout my flat but the thing is I always forget to water them! I need an alarm clock just to remind me to water the plants each day!

  6. Marie Odell

    The need to plant is very strong and I can tell you just love growing things.
    I feel the same and think compost is much nicer than dust !!!!!! and I don’t mind it in the house as long as I can grow things.

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