Bunnies for Jo’s nursery

My good friend Jo is in the final month of her first pregnancy. She’s reached the difficult-to-put-your-own-socks-on stage, so a housecall was in order. So I set off with a box of cupcakes and a little something I’d made for her nursery. Jo has always loved rabbits, so it was easy to pick the theme for my gift. I’d bookmarked these rabbit finger puppets from the inspiring Purl Bee some months back and thought the free pattern would be a great place to start.

I scaled down the template  to create eight felt rabbits, each standing around four inches high from ears to fluffy tail. Instead of leaving them open at the bottom as finger puppets need to be, I popped a bit of toy stuffing inside and stitched them closed. I found a great cheat for the pom-pom tails – I just snipped them off some bobble trim! Lastly I made a baby bunny to be the focal point of my mini scene.

Finding a deep box frame turned out to be the trickiest part of this project. Disheartened after an outrageous quote from a professional framer, a very practical friend thankfully came up with the idea of gluing two ready-made frames back to back. (I’d love to hear from anyone who has discovered an affordable source of box frames.) I lined these with spotty and leafy paper and installed the bunnies. After a futile fight with some very annoying sticky foam pads, I opted to secure them by stitching on to a backing card. (From the reverse it reminded me of the way dolls’ outfits used to be packed when I was young.)

It’s a bit pretentious but I always like to give my makes a title. I called this one ‘New boy in the warren’ (as Jo knows she’s having a boy), and wrote this on a little slip of paper, along with the date, and added it to the back of the frame.

If you’re counting, you’ll see that my warren only needed seven big bunnies. I should have remembered that rule about designing in odd numbers. So if anyone has any suggestion of what to do with this rather lonely lapin, please let me know.



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5 responses to “Bunnies for Jo’s nursery

  1. Kate

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure Jo feels very lucky to receive such an individual gift,x x

  2. Hi Jenny
    Just found your lovely blog having read the latest MM! Gorgeous makes and ingenious use for pom-pom trim! Thought you might like to know that The Range does a great selection of reasonably priced box frames. I have bought loads of these for projects. One of them is on our blog at http://www.halfpennyhome.blogspot.com. Afraid though, not as organised as you, and it’s a case of scrolling through. It will be around February of this year I would say, if you want to take a look.

    Jacqui x

  3. Argh, that bunny is so cute!!!

  4. Jo

    I love these bunnies, especially the way they are all looking at the new boy! It will make him feel special. We’re almost ready to put it on the wall but best of all I think it will be brilliant to help teach colours when baby is older. I’m so lucky that no other baby will have one and I love Jenny for putting in the time and thought to make it for me. Jo xxx

  5. I bought some box frames from Wilkinson’s at quite reasonable prices – they do a variety of sizes, mostly with pine frames that you can paint or decorate.

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