Core! A bonus project

It had to happen. I couldn’t put the apple and pear fabrics away until I’d had a go at creating an apple core to go with my magazine makes. It was a little bit fiddly to stitch but here it is, one eaten fabric apple. I’ve put together the templates and instructions if you’d like to have a go. Please share if you do!

Jenny’s apple core project



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5 responses to “Core! A bonus project

  1. Georgina Tranter

    Nice Jenny!

  2. Rosie

    You clever lady! Love this idea. (Miss P found my bag of half knitted fruit at the weekend and she thought it was hilarious! I’ve hidden it again, but it’s inspired me to keep going and make a whole fruit basket for her Christmas present)

  3. Love it !!! Can’t wait to make one !!!

  4. Donna Cogburn

    love the apple core….cute,cute.

  5. Tammy Edwards

    Looove it!! :0)

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