Mollie Makes giveaway!

Mollie Makes giveaway items

I loved mixing and matching all the fabrics to create the apples and pears on the cover of the latest Mollie Makes, so I thought it only fair to share the fun. I’ve put together a little goodie bag for one maker to enjoy.

My little kit includes pre-cut fabric shapes (with interfacing already added) to make two pears and five of the larger apples. I’ve also added felt for stalks and leaves, embroidery threads, buttons and even beads if you’d like to have a go at a fancy leaf variation.

Leave me a comment about what sort of things you like to make in the autumn and I’ll pick a winner at random at the end of October.



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311 responses to “Mollie Makes giveaway!

  1. Georgina Tranter

    Winter jumpers! Have started on my first chunky knit tank top ready for the winter season – doesn’t seem to work with the hot spell we’re having though!

  2. Rosie

    How lovely! I like to knit in the autumn – usually with grand plans to make Christmas presents for everyone. (Plans that always fall short!).

    PS don’t enter me for the giveaway – that wouldn’t be fair!

  3. angela

    In Autumn I love to make pies and crumbles. Things with felt and wool.
    I love to use the colours of autumn in my projects. I live in Kent, the garden of England and the trees and their leaves are an inspiration.

  4. That is such a lovely idea, please pop me in your fab giveaway. Hhmmm what am I making this Autumn, a tutu for my little girls 4th birthday (she wants to be a princess – goodness how she has turned out so girly), some little jim jams, a crochet blanket and some felt puddings 🙂 x

  5. I like to make things for the home like cozy cushions and patchwork quilts.


  6. I love these apples and pears – I’m going to scale them up and fill them with sand and turn them into door stops 🙂

  7. I love making scarves and cute hair accesories in Autumn so that when you have a coat on you still have lots of handmade loveliness! Great giveaway – thank you! xx

  8. Lesley Carpenter

    I love the apples and pears in Mollie Makes.I am going to make them in christmas fabric and hang them on the tree.

  9. Most of my autumn crafting revolves around pumpkins, bats and creepy things lol Once the Halloween decorations are sorted I start with Yule pretties

  10. Ooh chutney! That just screams autumn to me. Not a big halloween person but anything pumpkin related definitely goes on the list. Will be trying pumpkin pie this year – you dont really see it in the UK do you? And I think I shall be making an autumnal wreath the go on the front door while I finish the mountain of pom poms I am making for my christmas one!

    P.S. Love the apples especially the one with the slice out – v cute!

  11. Em

    Love your giveaway…just got my mollie makes mag and I’m desperate to make a little pin cushion fruit… would love to win your fabrics!Love making… this autumn I’m going to finish my crochet cushions…

  12. sheena

    In the autumn I start to get my knitting & crochet out & with the thoughts of Christmas start making gifts for family & friends x

  13. Anita Bennett

    I’m about to start a nice new snuggly cardigan and a hat for my daughter!

  14. Lesley

    Anything and everything! I’m at my most creative when the leaves begin to fall. I make Christmas presents – usually scarves in the latest fashion yarns. I stitch Christmas cards and I’ve just started making felt cakes to sell as pincushions. Love the apples and pears which are on the ‘to do list’
    So many crafts so little time *sigh*

  15. your apples and pears are perfect for yule decorations. my fall plans include baby afghans because my nephew and his wife just had triplets! i’ve also been wanting to start quilting, and this project would be a great start for me!

  16. Caroline

    I like to make cosy things for the home in the Autumn, and of course I’m already getting started on Christmas presents. I think there are going to be a lot of cushion covers this year!

    Please enter me for your giveaway!

  17. kirri raper

    now the nights are starting to get darker its a fantastic time for any crafter as it gives us the excuse to shut our door and hide away in our homes making crafts, sewing, knitting and cooking pickles and jams. but for me in particular its sewing that i mostly turn to, making special gifrs for the people i love at christmas, i sew every stitch with love. xxxx ps. what a fantastic name! button jars are my favourite, especially when i first open one brought from a second hand shop and i have no idea what treasured buttons i will find, all holding their own story and past.

    lots of love on this chilly day xxx

  18. I love making cosy things for the house, wool cushion covers, throws,… and decorating with leaves and pinecorns. It is also time of making jams, preserves and lots of baking! I love autumn, it is my favourite season

  19. Oh I’m a chutney fan too! Baking is a big thing for me at this time of year, all that yummy comfort food. Though I’m currently learning how to make patchwork quilts, so that will probably take over from everything else, stitching hexagons in front of autumn television programmes…

  20. I love to make costumes in October, anything having to do with pumpkins in November, and of course Christmas goodies/presents in December. Autumn is my absolute favorite season…and my favorite time of year for my friends because they benefit from all of my creativity 🙂

  21. I like to start out the fall season making vanilla extract and flavored sugars. I also knit small gift items like scarves and hats while its still warm and then move onto bigger knit items like blankets as it gets cooler. This fall is going to be especially busy because I’m a new mommy and plan on making my little girl some stuffed toys and soft books!

  22. Oh theres lots I like to make, christmas decorations and presents for the family, quilts, cushions, I love making wreaths of any kind, felt cakes and pies, dolls, teddys, and my new venture felt hats, mainly cloche type ones for now, oh and fascinators. Baking, jams, chutneys, pickles, all ready for a Christmas feast, pies, casseroles and lots of warming foods.
    Basically making anything.

  23. Lynn D-T

    The fruit is so cute (sorry, I couldn’t help myself there!)!! In autumn I like to get knitting for my mum (socks and a scarf so far), and my sewing machine is forever busy making advent calendars, Christmas bunting and stitchy Christmas cards for friends and family. Then there’s the mountain of pumpkin pies, biscuits, scones and fairy cakes I make for my family and others! Busy, busy, busy!!

  24. Laura

    Autumn is my favourite season when I make rhubarb schnapps, spiced apple chutney, plum jam with star anise (for my Dad – it’s his favourite), Christmas bunloaves (my Grandma’s recipe), a storybook for my cousin’s children (in time to get it printed before Christmas). I don’t have annual crafty makes – except for Christnas cards – as they change each year depending on what’s caught my eye. At the moment I’m crocheting a huge blanket and I plan to make a woolly hat. And of course a bowl of apples and pears – whether I win or not. But your fabric is prettier than mine x

  25. In Autumn I like to make warm snuggly things for myself, such as scarves and capes. Velvet always seems like a good autumnal fabric, especially in rich wine and plum shades, so I’d like to make a velvet jacket or hat, or maybe both. I make pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing using the scooped out flesh from my Halloween pumpkin, and late October is always Christmas cake time. This also signals the start of Christmas present making season, and I frantically scrabble to finish an assortment of dolls, fascinators, 11 year old sized kimono, bags, biscuits, jewellery and various other things for friends and family!

  26. Sally

    I’ll be starting scarves and gloves for the kiddies. May even get ahead of myself and start Christmas decorations and presents. Thank you for a chance at a lovely prize, it is the prep I don’t get on with in these projects.

  27. Sarah Hiscocks

    Hi! This autumn I’m planning on making gifts for my childrens teachers instead of buying them (for christmas). I’m going to attempt your lovely apples but I’ll probably keep them for myself because they look so good!

  28. I like to make scarves and wristwarmers before the weather gets cold enough to actually need them. But Mollie Makes is persuading me to do a bit more stitching too!

  29. Love Love Love the apples and pears! Perfect for this years Christmas gifts! Thank you for sharing you amazing talent!

  30. I start frantically getting ready for the school Christmas fair… Crochet hats and scarves, jewellery and lots of amigurumi, and patchwork cushion covers 🙂 fab giveaway, I loved the apples ( haven’t made pears yet!!)

  31. Most of my autumn crafting is Christmas focused – making stock for my shop and craft fairs and handmade christmas presents and decorations for my friends, family and home. This year I will have to try and squeeze in knitting some warm. cosy cuffs too as it’s set to be a chilly one!!

  32. Today I’, going to have a go at some of your lovely apples!. then I’m making apple chutney, so will have to be careful not to use the wrong ones!

  33. I’ve been making cushions with rusted fabric! But i made an apple after visiting Stamford Community Orchard apple day, think i will have to make the core now!

  34. This Autumn I will be making a quilt for my little girl and a crocheted top for me !!!

  35. Your apples & pears are so cute !!! will be making berets decorated with loads of felted flowers this autumn 🙂 xx

  36. i’ll be making some lovely thick cord skirts for my girls to go with chunky tights and wellies. Might sew apples and pear appliques on actually!

  37. Louise

    I love to knit warm things and thanks to the arrival of my beautiful baby boy, this autumn I am teaching myself how to knit tiny socks to keep tiny toes warm! 🙂

  38. Jo Dulat

    There is something about wool which I feel epitomises autumn. Living I Wales I am lucky enough to be surrounded by this rich renewable resource and I try to use it whenever possible. My favourite projects are those that reflect the rich berry purples and leafy reds of the season’s palette.

  39. Rebecca

    I am totally in love with these since seeing them in Mollie Makes – thank you!

    In autumn we love to collect berries and bake, or make lovely alcoholic goodies… and then obviously pumpkin carving! Craft-wise for autumn it has to be cushions and blankets 🙂

  40. I’ll be making hair accessories and stitching the heights of my 2 tiddlers onto their hanging height charts! Lovely project – would love to win. My daughter, Elodie, would like some fruit for her dolls and teddies!

  41. Love to make apple pie and pumpkin bread. I also like to make quilts and knit.

  42. PJ

    “Winter?” I live in Florida. No such thing. I make quillows and afghans during the couple weeks it gets cool enough to have something on my lap.

  43. If the weather is nice (sunny, I don’t care if a bit windy…) I love to go for walks, especially in parks or somewhere where I can see and step on leaves 🙂
    If the weather is cloudy or rainy, I’d rather stay at home and do something crafty (knit, crochet, quilt, sew… I love it all!), read, watch a movie or play some boardgame while having a nice cup of tea 🙂

  44. Mainly I knit sweaters, but I also bead, do paper collages, and embroidery.
    Those apples and pears are so cute.
    Anna S.

  45. That is so smart, autumn is the time for making Christmas cake – I made ours yesterday and then fed it with some brandy! I’m also making ‘stuff’ for Christmas sales…well I should be anyway!
    thanks for the lovely giveaway

  46. I’ll be making hair accessories and stitching the length of my 2 tiddlers onto hanging height charts! Very cute project, would love to win. My daughter, Elodie, wants some fruits for her teddies!

  47. Mittens, mittens and more mittens. Mittens for everyone I know!

  48. Jillian

    I’m getting ready for craft fayre season with lots of dried fruit wreaths, hangers and swags, interspersed with some lovely autumnal coloured fabric hearts.

    Love your fabric, so gorgeous 🙂

  49. Claire corry

    Hi love the fruit and can’t wait to make some, although hands full with a new born baby boy. In the Autumn I love to start making Christmas gifts for friends and family. Last year I made tea cup candles. Thanks for the great ideas would love to win the fabric would make life easier with a little one !!

  50. Linda Rumsey

    Autumn is for knitting chunky jumpers, followed by scarves, hats and socks.
    Definitely socks – I always need another pair!

  51. Mieke

    I love to decorate my house with all the autumn stuff I collected over the years and make pumpkin soup and applesauce for winter. My ATC’s are all autumn style and I’m starting to make cards and decorations for Xmas.

  52. I always want to crochet at this time of year. I don’t know why because I’m in Florida and it’s hot as heck out right now.

  53. Where do you get your fabrics – they’re beautiful? This Autumn I shall be finishing off a big cross stitch project that I’ve been working on for the last 12 years. Not an exaggeration – I started it when I was doing my GCSEs and worked in a craft shop, it’s been through a-levels, uni, a house renovation, a wedding, numerous other craft projects and baby number one – luckily I still love it and I’ve promised myself I’ll finish it before I start anything else or have another baby! That won’t stop me lining up projects to do afterwards though. Thanks for entering me into your competition. x

  54. Aoife Connellan

    Love your blog and Mollie Makes.., my 11 year old daughter and I love making crafts… She is a big fan of making pincushions… We both love knitting and she is getting into crochet… Regards… Aoife

  55. Anna Dean

    I relish crafting in the evenings when autumn comes around, I celebrate them getting cooler and darker so that I can unearth a much loved quilt and have it on my lap as I sift through fabric scraps and become inspired! (I am convinced the quilt has magical powers of inspiration, it is a necessary component!)… I most enjoy working with little bits of fabric, patchworking the traditional English paper way (hexagons are my faves!) makes me smile … LOTS. It’s slow, but joyous! I can never decide what fabric to use for what, so with patchwork I can use them ALL!. I went blackberry picking at the end of September and made some jam, so am having lots of fun finding fabric scraps to adorn the top of my jars to give away … they’ve been making people very happy, and cost the price of a bag or two of sugar, super!

  56. In autumn, I turn to knitting and start the mittens and hats for winter. But I always have time for little sewing projects. Congrats on your cover story!

  57. Susan Dinmore

    I too love to knit in the Autumn, last year I made scarves as Christmas presents for all my friends and family, this year I have made a cabled snood type thing – looks better than it sounds, am making a cardie for my daughter and have found a pattern for a knitted fox stole that I will give to my BF as her birthday and Xmas gifts as it yarn was v expensive. I am also turning the Mollie Makes birdies into hair clips so I may make a bowl of Autumn fruit for my MIL.

    • – da, definitivno na engleskom. makar ako imamo kvalitetan sadržaj i dobro znamo Å¡to piÅ¡emo može se i regionalno (to ide neke iz ovih komentara 😀 ) može se i re8o#nalno&ig230; al za to naravno treba vremena.

  58. The apples and pears are gorgeous! I fell in love with them in Mollie Makes and can’t wait to give them a try.

    I’m just learning to knit, and as I’m still a bit slow I’ll be spending the Autumn working on Christmas presents, starting with a scarf for my sister. Traditional and clichéd maybe, but you have to start somewhere!


    I love preparing small gifts for Christmas as well as autumn decor: garlands with mini pumpkins, acorns and fall leaves.

    P.S. Love the apples and pears. Probably this is going to be my nest project.

  60. Maureen

    Loving your little apples and pears. This Autumn – I know it’s early but my little kids knitting and sewing after school club are making things to hang from their christmas tree. We mostly use felt but you’ve inspired me to move them onto lighter fabrics and see how they get on. It will be exciting!

    • Danke, dass du mitgemacht hast, Manu! Bei deinen Antworten zu den Fragen 6-8 und 11 habe ich insgeheim mit dem Kopf genickt 😀 Aber Wurst zum Frühstück…nee. Höchstens mal in GrctibrŸÃannien^^Ioh wünsche dir noch eine schöne Restwoche, das WE naht zum Glück… :)LG,

  61. Hats!! It never fails that we can’t seem to find the one I made the year before, so I have just resigned myself to making at least one new hat for each of my girls each fall! 🙂 Those fabrics are the cutest, crossing my fingers to win! 🙂

  62. Kathryn Laughton

    Pumpkin soup! Orange is the colour of Autumn. I also love making quilts, hand sewing. Having it sit on my lap while I quilt keeps the chill off!

  63. Oooh please could I join in, I like to start making christmas prezzies for family and friends in the autumn, and this year we will have a new addition in Dec so I am also going to be making a little baby quilt.

  64. ella

    I love to make lots and lots of small items, knitted ,crochet , sewing,tatting.
    oh yes!!! lots of apple pies.
    Great makes , your apple and pear pincushions, About to start making them.

  65. gina sandoval

    Love to do crochet during the cooler weather!

  66. Gill

    Lots of preserving going on here! Today it’s pickled red cabbage and rosehip syrup – tomorrow I’d like to try pontack!!
    I love your apples – I’m off to look for a copy of ‘Mollie Makes’ in the morning!

  67. Catriona Berry

    I love the apples and pears and will be making some for my youngest daughter’s shop/cafe (she’s 2) along with some crocheted veg from last months Mollie Makes. I’ve very nearly finished my very first granny squares crochet blanket, with plans to make another blanket following the pattern in afore-mentioned gem of a mag. I also have several crocheted hats and berets to make for my 4 children, crochet flower hairslides for my daughters, the most amazing crocheted and felted pebble rug and a bundle of new baby goodies to knit, sew and crochet.

    I also have plans to make several Christmas presents including knitting an old-fashioned stripy tea cosy for my 91 year old Great Aunt and I’d like to try my hand at making socks, oh and I have a granny squares shrug to finish making for my 17 year old daughter. I have a birthday cake or 3 to make too and some fruit and alcohol concoctions to play around with. Now if I can just convince my family that they don’t need me to do anything for them!

  68. Jennifer Somerset

    Skellies – masks and sugar skulls for our local Dia de los Muertos festival. I’m designing some teaching pieces for a three week class I may be teaching on beginning embroidery at a local community center in a few weeks, depending on if anyone signs up for it or not.

  69. I love to make anything and everything all year round! In particular, Autumn is just perfect for making Christmas presents and decorations

  70. Amanda

    This Autumn I have been knitting tea cosies – to keep my tea pot toasty during afternoon tea, for which I’ve been baking various Apple cakes 🙂

  71. I like to make jams and chutnies in the autumn, and there is something about darker evenings that makes me want to knit

  72. Spiced Slow gin and blackberry and apple vodka good to give a way for Christmas but better to sip at home when looking at a good craft mag. Tried to do sewing at the same time as having a little tipple but ended up with punctured fingers ,so best stick to reading x

  73. Kim Mitchell

    The arrival of Halloween is always a big motivater for me to start new crafty projects. Decorate the house, in black and orange, pull out my felt table runner and wall hangings. Each year my stash gets larger and someday will match the size of my Christmas decoation. This year I added a homemade femo Skelton head on a paper cone to join the party. He turned out fabulous … And I wish I could post a picture but it isn’t letting me

  74. In the autumn I love to knit crazy big scarfs. I simply love wool.

  75. Tracy johnston

    I love making things for my children, things i know they’ll love, feiries, owls, tractors ect. And i make fabric christmas decorations for my kids school to sell to raise funds.

  76. Love your pears and apples. in Autumn I like making wreaths and leaf bouquets. this year I plan to knit and crochet…I will be making a knitted cowl for myself:)

  77. I love making whatever takes my fancy!! I find massive inspiration from magazines, blogs and other peoples beautys! I also bake lots of cakes and get my halloween goodies on the go. I’m also making little hats for innocent smoothie bottles for their appeal this october, and am going to start making shoe boxes filled with crafted and crafting goodies as presents for children in hospital over christmas!!

  78. Sarah-Jane

    Love the apples and the core. About to move home and am seriously thinking of making a batch to put in a fruit basket on the dining table! As for my autumn project, come September I make a start on my Christmas gifts. I’ve tried each year to make something different and where possible, teach myself a new craft along the way! This year I’ll be making silver clay jewellery for the ladies and felted slippers for the kids. I haven’t decided yet what to make for the men, need to mull it over 🙂

  79. In autumn I ♥ to make Sinterklaas gifts. Santa Klaus is a childersfeast on 5 december: a lot of candy and gifts.


  80. What a thoughtful idea. I love to make jams, knit and spin. This year I’m also making my first skirt since I was at school. Too many years ago now lol.

  81. Katy

    At this time of year I’ve usually just started making my Christmas cards. This year though I’ve just started sewing, and have just begun piecing my first ever quilt.

    So this year I’m sticking with buying my cards to leave more time for the quilt!

  82. Anne Marie

    I love to make anything pumpkin – pumpkin pie, bread, cookies – and then I like to crochet pumpkings and I am even sewing up a pumpkin – really cute. Love your apple and pear project.

  83. Jude

    this autumn i shall be taking a trip to my local scrap store for some lovely autumnal fabric and making a cosy patch work quilt, that’s if i have any material left over from making these delicious looking apples and pears.
    What i find at the scrap store determines what i make, love a bit of up-cycling

  84. I feel that Autumn gives me permission to get knitting with thick, tweedy or arran wools. Like Rosie says, Christmas present making plans spring to mind, but in reality I should have started in Spring to complete them. I have just finished some chunky hand warmers though, so maybe this year…

  85. tracey dawkins

    ooh lovely – please put me in the draw. i love the pattern and thanks for the bonus project!

  86. Jo Ross

    I always feel the need to crochet a huge shawl about this time of year. Something soft to wrap around me while I’m making it! The challenge is then to retrieve it from my girls who will purloin it to snuggle down and watch TV…

  87. Karyn

    Knitting and quilting are my autumn makes – I just finished one mitten last night and am about to start on my neice and nephews quilts for their Christmas presents next! Oh and make lots of halloween inspired makes for our annual party! I will be making apples and pears for my friends children, they love them!

  88. Helen Sheppard

    I would love to see some cute owls to make! Perhaps little ones or cushion sized. Thanks for the chance of winning the scrummy fabric!

    • En fait on se souvient plus facilement des nonar-inqueuvs, parce qu’il y en a pas mal qui sont connus, mais les points sont souvent attribués aux décalés !

  89. I like knitting things in the autumn, usually gloves and scarves ready for the cold winter ahead. I’m going to attempt making a blanket from crochet granny squares this autumn, something which I’ve never done before!

  90. I love preserving leaves and threding them together to make a cute mobile! Leaves are great for crafting in the fall!

  91. Lesley

    pumpkin soup and warm jumpers to wear on bomfire night. xx

  92. I usually bake all autumn long! Apple pies, cakes & crumbles and anything pumpkin – especially pumpkin pies!
    This autumn I’m doing a lot of knitting for our baby on the way! So I guess I’m making a baby too this year!

  93. Emma griffin

    I love to make things out if fir cones in the autumn and knit chunky woolly accessories

  94. Leisa

    Oh lovely snuggy tracksuits for my children and sweet fleece blankets for us to snuggle in together. Thanks for the chance to win something gorgeous 🙂

  95. Sophie

    I start to make my christmas presents and even more decorations!

  96. Paula Costa

    Will be working on my crazy quilt and making several small quilting gifts for fam. and friends. Beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance to win : )

  97. Hello-hello 🙂 I love to toadstools so this time of year I ‘make sure that whatever I sew is on or have one on it! The red with white dotted ones is an absolute fav of mine.

  98. How cool! I will be knitting mostly in the autumn for Christmas presents!

  99. I begin my holiday gift making, and holiday baking when fall hits ……Love the smells coming out of my kitchen now…………

  100. Gina Childs

    Mittens, definately!! I have also been making some little fawn felt toys, my house is going to be filled with them in various colours 😀

  101. Claire

    I applique everything in sight! Autumn should be about colour, contrast and tactile textiles so I applique away!

  102. I love to knit in Fall colors and turn the oven on to bake all the goodies like apple crisp, berry pies, cookies. mmmmm, love it all.

  103. Donna

    As the nights start to draw in I love to curl up on the sofa with my crocheting. I usually have a blanket on the go and as it grows I love to snuggle it around me.

  104. I am making a lamp shade which will give a warm cosy glow whilst i sit tucked up cosy and warm inside.

  105. aw this is too cute!! 😀 i love cooking nice soups to warm you up on a cold day and to knit and sew cozy and cute creations because you can do those so easily wrapped up in a lovely thick blanket on the sofa watching films and a mug of hot chocolate beside you!!! can you tell i LOVE autumn?! 😀

  106. This Autumn I’m going crochet crazy and making blankets and baby bits for a few of my friends who are due around Christmas.

    Plus, I’ve started decorating baskets, with felt flowers to give Christmas presents in, and making chalkboard type gift tags.

  107. helen

    Autumn, thats when i start on the christmas grifts. i have to start early if i’m to have any chance to having them made intime!

  108. Fiona

    At the moment I’m just about finished crocheting a cot blanket for a friend who’s due to have her baby soon. Next I’m making a ripple blanket for each of my little boy’s for their beds to keep them snuggly during the winter. I’m sure they will be lots of halloween and christmas makes with my boys coming up too.

  109. rachael

    Im all new to sewing and using a machine so i have only made basic things but i have recently made a couple of doorstops and a draft excluder with applique – which turned out better than i expected. So you could say i am rather pleased with myself. Im going to attempt to make some apples & pears when my daughter decides to sleep 🙂

  110. Kay

    I love to make people happy with kind actions….yes, ok, they really like the freshly baked goods too!

  111. I love to make a new purse for fall…love all of the fall colors!

  112. Cheryl Bell

    Autumn for me brings pumpkin soup, pear and ginger crumbles, chutneys and homemade mincemeat.
    Also making felt Christmas decs and cards for family and friends.
    Would love to win the comp – thank you for the opportunity.

  113. Sally Woods

    this year I have vowed to make all my Christmas presents, whether they be cooked, knitted crocheted or sewn, I have alot of work ahead of me. Have just made the apple and pear from the latest issue, but would love to make more from these delicious looking fabrics.

  114. I want to anything and everything after reading my latest issue of Mollie Makes!!

  115. Shalini

    I crochet all the time! Last autumn I made my first ripple project – a scarf in autumn colours of a burnt orange, brick red and dark green. Now it’s spring in the southern hemisphere, I’m making a huge ripple blanket for my queen sized bed!

  116. Carolyn

    I like to create with ‘warm’ colours, things that make me feel inside! Especially crochet. There’s just something about it!!

  117. Sharon Griffin

    I have been making little owl brooches in lovely autumnal shades and i enjoy designing cards using leaf motifs x

  118. Sloe gin and chutney on the cooking side, cross stitch and crochet. This year I am sewing too. Busy busy!! x

  119. When the weather gets chilly I like to make all the babies I know cosy cute knitted hats and mittens, to keep them snug, and gooey squidy chocolate brownies for the mummies!

  120. Anna Kidd

    Chutney’s, jams and preserves. I have been really bitten by the urban foraging bug this year and have harvested crab apples with Hackney Harvest and quinces from a local park. I’m going to cross stitch jam jar covers and the results of my labours for Christmas presents. For me I’m knitting hats, for each of my coats. Thinking about the apples and pears as additional Christmas gifts.

  121. Oliver Lightfoot

    I want to make my wife happy this autumn by giving her more time to make things

  122. In the autumn i love to make jewellery with a lot of brown and coppery tones.. i also love to make cute little favor bags to put the jewellery in.. and i love birds so you can usually find them plastered all over anything i make! Haha My favourite birds are owls.. and the fit in perfect with my autumn theme jewellery etc. =D

  123. Autumn weather always puts me in the mood for scarf’s and quilts. things to cuddle up with and keep warm. The most fun thing to make in autumn are dolls, little cheerful or scary things to put you in the mood of the change of season!

  124. Ruth

    I love to collect conkers with my daughter. They are so lovely and shiny and remind me of my childhood.

  125. Sam Thornton

    I love to make homemade food gifts – this year I’m doing a tea tray for mum and dad with jams and preserved fruits. These apples and pears would set it off a treat!!

    Good luck everyone!

  126. It has to be crafted goodies for christmas pressies! Less than 3 months to go, panic, lol

  127. Jess

    I love to make pumpkin pie, gingerbread, cinnamon cakes, plum cake, banana bread…anything all spicy and warm and lovely!

    Craft wise, I start on Christmas decorations and presents. I also make myself little treats like embroidered or cross stitch pictures and decorations and quilts…anything I can make while snuggled up during those chilly evenings…In fact, making little apples and pears would be perfect… 😉 x

  128. At the moment, cushions, crochet stars for Christmas and infinity scarves

  129. Darlene Le Roy

    It’ the best time to make a nice quilt to snuggle under on those chilly evenings. I love making Paper Bag Apple pies , caramel apples and my favorite…… home made Apple Pie Liquor…..just in case that quilt doesn’t warm you up enough!

  130. Catriona

    I’m looking forward to making some fox shaped mittens and want to learn to knit some rabbit slippers! I’m also teaching myself patchwork and making my 6 girls a patchwork blanket for Xmas 🙂

  131. sophie

    I’m currently making fabric flower broaches in autumnal colours with cute buttons as the centers. X

  132. I have been asked by my daughter to make a crochet cover for her new ipad, so that should be interesting. Also having waited years for my blackthorn bushes to fruit I am attempting to make sloe gin! 🙂 yum….

    • >I loved this piece. I remember being childless and judging all the other young parents and tisk tisking them saying I won't let my child do this or that. and then I became one too. It's not as easy as it looks – paigtnrne. Sometimes, it's just not worth the battle.

    • Si, Nat, tenes razon, seguro a su publico objetivo les gusta. Pero posiciona a lo “argentino” como lo aspiracional, y estando tan cerca.. como que lo aspiracional deberia ser algo mas lejano, y sino valorar lo propio. Es como que la campania deja demasiado en evidencia el “querer ser como las argentinas” lo cual no es muy inspirador a mi modo de ver.Pero entiendo que la lectura mas basica de sus clientas sera “Mira che, tienen a Sofia Zamolo, que barbaro”

  133. Sarah Ellis

    HI. Im going to be making the Lady Grey coat from Colette patterns this Autumn. Ready for the chilly crisp winter to come!

  134. Bernardine

    I’m learning how to sew at the moment. So this fall i love to make easy sewing project. And hopefully getting vetter at it soon.

  135. I’ve always wanted to make an autumn wreath – all those gorgeous colours!

  136. i am loving quilting for the autumn right now 🙂

  137. I like attending workshops to learn something new and different, with a new skill or two. This then means I have new stuff to put on my Christmas list and get me through the long winter nights. Oh! yes, you get to meet some like minded people and have a laugh. Great fun

  138. Joanne

    I have made sloe gin and damson vodka and am planning a cosy throw of hexies made from felted woollen jumpers, so I have been spending time scouring the charity shops for jumpers in lovely colours.

  139. caroline saunders

    What a great giveaway idea! Autumn means cowls and wristwarmers for me, as well as lots of SOUP! Cheap, delicious, yum. Happy crafting! xx

  140. Jo Tiddy

    Knitted scarves and tea cosies, though I have run out of people to give them to!. Funky peg dolls to decorate the Xmas tree. And finally apple and chillie jam, which gets hoovered up pretty fast in this house!

  141. Cliona

    This year i would love to make lots of Christmas decorations. Cheeky Snowmen and Happy Santas.

  142. Mine is the nature themes around autumn. Just love them!

  143. Well, the pumpkins are almost ready so pumpkin soup coming soon. In the autumn I like to knit socks and will start to cut pieces for the quilt I have been making in my head.

  144. I enjoy the nature themes for autumn. The can be just lovely.

  145. Kate

    I like to make pompom trees in leftover wools (usually Autumn colours) using sticks blown down in the wind for the pompom to sit on (the tree trunk) and little terracotta pots to “plant” them in. I cover the oasis with the ends of the wool and glue it all into place.

  146. Louise O'Flynn

    I love making hearty soups with ‘autumnal’ foods – butternut squash, pumpkin etc. Itching to start crocheting though, so hopefully will graduate to cosy throws for next year 🙂

  147. Hello! I’ve made a crocheted owl hat for my baby girl, and will be making a monster hat for my 5-year old son! I want them both to be worm and cozy in the colder mornings on the way to school.

    Jane 😀

  148. Kylie Dunn

    I’m making a felt Christmas stocking for my baby boy, with a big embroidered snowflake on it. Also crocheting a blanket.

  149. I’m new to crafting but mollie makes is definitely an inspiration, i fell in love with crochet after seeing the lovely apple cosys featured in the first issue and have taught myself along with my grandma and slowly I am getting there. I then got a sewing machine for my birthday but not sure where to start. This Autumn I am hoping to make a few handmade presents for family for Christmas and some Christmas tree decorations.Thankyou mollie makes not only have you got someone new to fall in love with crafts but have give my grandma inspiration to fall in love with them all over again! 🙂 xXx

  150. I love using the free food in the hedgerows, so far I have made crabapple jelly, sloe gin and bramble jelly. When the clocks go back I will be knitting hats

  151. I’ve been crocheting shopping bags from recycled plastic grocery sacks. They end up looking very pretty and are far stronger than their original form. I also like to crochet seasonal scarves and hats for my family. This year I’m planning to make a “lap” sized throw for my Mom to keep her warm.

  152. Absolutely love these!!

    My favourite winter make has to be christmas decorations, with my favourite material, felt. I have made gingerbread men, robins, christmas puds, trees, garlands, and lots more! I am really looking forward to indulging in the festivities while it’s cold outside in my cosy home!
    Besides from crafting I will be making a scrummy christmas cake 🙂

    Would love to win, these would look fabulous in my craft room in my new house.. on Bunting Lane, what an awesome street name hehe!

    Lisa x

  153. Victoria

    I like to crochet blankets – they keep you warm whilst you work on them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. I love to crochet and make Christmas ornaments when fall arrives! This fall I am deep in costume construction for my youngest DD who will be a clown. Think bright colors and lots of sequins!

  155. Sarah piercy

    I’ll be snuggling under a quilt while I hand stitch all the embellishments and hand quilting it…..I love all the extra hours that the colder months bring 🙂

  156. Oh my… Autumn… for me Autumn is all about crisp afternoon walks with gusty hair and little coloured leaf collections… I love to make hot nutmegy & cinammon chai lattes and gulp them down, whilst sitting happily, underneath the beginnings of a quilted blanket…. as the quilt grows, and the pieces come together, so does the cover over your legs and the protection from the gaining winter closer with each & every stitch…



  157. I love to make pumpkin soup, hot chocolate with chilli, and lovely gingerbread. All the warming hearty things that autumn needs. On the crafty side knitting scarves and making teacup candlesfor xmas gifts.

  158. Now is the time that i start to make all my Christmas cards – usually hand painted affairs with matching hand-made felt decorations…although i’ve got an urge to try something with wire this year!

  159. Shelly Heronemus

    I love to make quilt tops so I can be all ready to quilt them in the winter months, since I live in Montana and It’s cold, I like to have quilts ready to stitch to keep me warm.

  160. Helena Thomas

    I’m learning to crochet at the moment – so my Autumn challenge is some sort of lovely blanket (also, very much not limited to THIS Autumn…I imagine this might be a long haul project!)

  161. Lucy T

    I love your apples and pears. In Autumn I love to start making things to give to family & friends for Christmas – glass decorations, felt decorations, cushions, personalised drawstring gift bags, photo books…allsorts! And then there’s all the seasonal fruit such as apples and pears to make into delicious desserts and cakes to keep me going while I’m making all the other things!! :O) Lx

  162. Nicola Urmenyi

    I hadn’t thought of my crafting as being that seasonal. I am usually finishing off last years Xmas cards in June! However, I have made Halloween bunting & I am knitting Halloween Hamsters and, of course, I have started making Xmas cards & I will try to finish them before Xmas this year 🙂

  163. Shell

    My mind always turns to cowls and mittens in the Autumn

  164. Cosy evenings by the fire… sewing, crocheting, cross-stitching, whatever. For me, just a blissful time of year. Can’t wait until October 14 – craft fair in belfast king’s hall. hurray!!!!

  165. Louie Clement

    this is the time of the year when i start working my way through the christmas makes list. Presents for family, friend, teachers, no one gets left out. anything from crocheted blanket, to beaded jewellery or even handmade christmas decorations.

  166. Nicola

    In the autumn I like to make comforting foods like pies, soups and casseroles. I like to knit little hats for my little man. I also like to make pumpkin lanterns for Halloween. This year I am busy renovating a house for myself and my little boy to live in and I am currently making some nautical bunting to hang in his room. Would love to enter the giveaway. Looks wonderful.

  167. Cathy

    I’ve just made my first EVER batch of tomato and apple chutney, and it tastes good!! We had a glut of tomatoes all ready at the same time, and the school Christmas market will be running a chutney stall this year, so inspiration struck! Also I’m getting ready for Christmas presents sewing little bags and purses with zips (another newly acquired skill!). I’m trawling charity shops for lovely material that is currently trapped in skirts/shirts, and needs liberating as an upcycled bag! Love the pears in particular, as I feel it’s like looking in a mirror – just my shape!

  168. I love to make Chutney with all the Apples – perfect for Christmas Gifts. Also I sort through all my materials and make patchwork bags for Christmas Gifts, and this year loads of ideas to make from Mollie Makes!

  169. Susan H.

    In the world of crafting, I love to crochet scarfs, I have made stuffed pumpkins and now creating a paper mache pumpkin. In the world of my kitchen, soups and breads are yummy to my tummy. I have so many favorite things to do, felting, quilting, drawing and painting.

  170. I dream about the future (My Autumn eternal O my spiritual season…)

  171. Rebecca

    So many thing on the go a flower fairy patchwork quilt, Christmas embroidery design, hexipuffs knitting project and making bucilla kits up for a lady who displays them at craft shows, 4 children and a part time job means I need a few more hours in the day.

  172. windy

    I like to make owls and forrest creatures:)

  173. Autumn is the time I normally start making fleece gloves and hot water bottle covers for friends and family. This year as it’s been so warm I’m crocheting mug warmers (as the tea needs to stay warm, not me!) in burgundys and burnt ochres. I’ve also been making anything with pears as they ooze autumn to me – pear chutneys, warm salads with caremelized pears and gorgonzola, pear tarte tatins, and hopefully these gorgeous fabric pears as well! 😉

  174. Vicky Willcock

    Chilli jam and crochet poppies 🙂

  175. Nancy Stedtfeld

    Made “carrot cake” jam, Halloween cards, and starting a quilt–first one for a boy.

  176. I think I love making what everyone else has mentioned already. I always feel my most inspired when it gets a bit chillier, the boots and rag socks come out, the leaves are falling and are crunchy under my feet. I make soups, homemade bread, apple cakes. I take photos, paint, start making Christmas gifts (oh yes!). This year I’m making us a quilted bed spread, starting this weekend. I’m inspired by all the answers above!!!

  177. Marieke

    I’m knitting scarves and cowls this autumn, as well as soup, damson gin and jam!

  178. This autumn I’m quilting! Trying to finish some christmas presents. Also love to do some autumish baking: pumpkin stuff, apple pies, that kind of thing

  179. Allyson Phillips

    Crocheting some winter hats for my daugher & her friends and embroidered/appliqued xmas decs to give as gifts.

  180. This time of year I love to make afghans, wall quilts, and hats and ;mittens for my grandkids. And yummy comfort foods like beef stew, chowder and apple pie. I’d love to make a wall quilt from these cutouts!

  181. Oops, hit the wrong key, this may go twice, sorry if it does.

  182. Lynne (PlumLeaf)

    Hmm…for me, it’s grand plans for home-made Christmas Cards for all. I never achieve that one and less likely with an active 14mth old boy!

    I want to make beaded bracelets and other jewellery as Christmas presents and better get cracking soon!

  183. Jess Argall

    I think these lovely apples and pears are crying out to be made into a tasty quilt to keep me and my rabbit cosy through the winter months! And to remind us that the summer season will come again in not too long…
    Perhaps, a patchwork design of an orchard, as I love designing different trees on fabric. I’m excited already!

  184. I have a quilt cut out ready to piece and now the kids have gone back to uni I can get on with it. I would also like to knit my daughter an Icelandic jumper for Christmas but have 2 other unfinished knitting projects on the go! Time to restart my winter stitch evenings with my friends!

  185. Vikki

    Autumn makes me want to make hats, gloves and scarves, cushions and throws for the house but in reality I have to start making christmas presents, stamping christmas paper, making cards and sewing decorations to get everything done in time for my homemade christmas this year and that’s before I even start to think about all the food…

  186. Laura Lulls

    I love to make little personalised gifts for family ready for Christmas. Especially little tree decs from all sorts of fabrics. The fruits are beautiful and would be great as little gifts. I would love to go in for the draw. Xx

  187. Lora Wallace

    I love making pumpkin pie. When I am in the crafty mood, I love crocheting hats and things for my family.

  188. Clare Love

    Ooh, I love Autumn! I’m making Chilli-lilli (Piccalilli with chilli) which I can never quite leave until Xmas as planned! I’m gathering delicious things to wrap for my jar advent calendars. I number tiny chocolate bars etc and my partner and I have our own big jar to dip into. Blackberry brandy (to try to avoid eating crumbles and pies!). Lots of crafty projects…so little time! Thanks for the apple idea I’m going to make one for my teacher friend.

  189. Apple crumbles seems to be the main thing I make this time of the year. Due to us having an enormous apple tree in our garden we end up with apple everything :o)

    Sewing is also a must have for me in autumn. Last year it wa Union Jack sock monkeys for xma presents and this year it is a ‘Tanya Whelan’ quilt for my bed…only four blocks in at the moment though.

  190. Ooooh, how lovely! I am planning some christmas bits and pieces at the moment, so I can get ahead for a change – christmas bunting, little bags, some decorations. Not very autumnal, I know, but better to start now! Other than that, it’s quilts, quilts, quilts – an all-year round activity for me, but more fun when the weather gets cooler and I can enjoy using them!

  191. Sandy

    Well I need to finish off the hamsters and then there is the seals to play with . When this time of year comes round I like to make jam and pickles and pies for the freezer then reward myself with a new project. Anything bright and shinny and fun to make and if you can hang it on the tree then its fine with me.

  192. Hmmm, this year i am mostly……. procrasinating! However normally my mind turns to baking, christmas decorations (I sew very slowly)and making blankets/quilts.
    In the meantime we are planning a halloween party and my mind is turning to mostly icky scary decorations to (hopefully) delight the children.
    I was thinking about a bowl of orangey apples and pears from Mollie Makes as being a more tasteful part of the decorating though. 🙂

  193. Fran Kemp

    I will be making a patchwork quilt for my 4 year old daughter – wish me luck as it will be my first try at making one! 🙂

  194. I made cute little hand embroidered 3D felt doves to go on the Christmas tree last autumn. I added little beads in coordinating colours to give a little sparkle. I loved them so much that I then made felt Christmas puddings, gingerbread men, candy canes, robins and stockings – all embroidered and embellished with beads and ribbons. I then attached them to some rustic platted string with big ribbons at the end to make a garland. It hung above my open fire last Christmas along with some holly collected from the wood. Very wholesome!

  195. Anna

    My summers are long and hot so when fall arrives I immediately pull out the wool and needles and start knitting hats and scarves!

  196. Marisol Novak

    I make felt zombies and ghoulies to cheer up the folks at work. We take a little laugh wherever we can find one…

  197. Clare Harper

    I love the autumn colours it gets me making lots of little special things for my grandchildren like this year advent calenders :o). Knitting in autumn colours for the new baby due in January. Bootee’s are on the go at the moment in orange.

  198. Karen Wadsworth

    I’m going to make my little girl a spider costume for her Halloween day at nursery out of some old black tights and maybe some deelyboppers with eyes on the end!

  199. I’ve just discovered a love of crochet so have started a collection of winter hats (I work outside a lot looking after small children so I get very cold) and matching scarves x

  200. Sally

    What a lovely prize. I always find the cutting out the fiddly bit. I am starting to plan christmas presents so I manage to get some handmade ones done on time this year!

  201. Sarah davis

    I would like to make a nativity scene

  202. id like to make hand muffs and mittens pls xxx

  203. I have made a fall wreath, a few scarves and a purse so far. I’m also making some felt owl ornaments. I love the fall palate. By the end of the month, I will start on Christmas stuff.

  204. amy

    I love making this that are warm and cosy also anything to do with Christmas thats if my cat doesn’t play with all the wool first

  205. Crisp fall weather inspires me to create in high gear! I love to make spooky crocheted cats, ghosts, and monsters in the autumn, as well as thinking up what fruits, flowers, and foliage I want to crochet for winter decorations. In the US we haven’t got this issue just yet, but I can’t wait – I want to make some lovely fabric apples and pears to add to the mix! I have a gorgeous fabric I’ve been saving for a winter wreath – it’s not a traditional “holiday” print, but the dark blue background with birds, pears, and strings of dots that look like little twinkly lights say “winter” to me. I think it will be fun to mix in fabric fruit on my wreath, along with crocheted holly and a few nice artificial pears that I found.

  206. I call this “quiting season. I get the urge to quilt more and maybe even knit a bit.

  207. thepricklypinecone

    Fall is always the time to get a start on quilts, the bad weather always makes me want to stay indoors with a nice hot drink and make warm treasures!

  208. I enjoy making jewellery to go with your Autumn hand knitted Jumpers and Autumn clothes. I have made some autumn and winter jewellery in gorgeous colour palettes. My Autumn jewellery has been made using all the colours from a forest floor in Autumn, rusts, greens, browns and more and to continue the theme I have used lovely warm copper metal parts.

  209. Just found you from Mollie Makes! What a lovely give away! Please can I enter? When Autumn starts to creep in, I change from my bright cotton projects, almost overnight and find myself wanting to make patchwork quilts from thrifted sweaters and knit woolly throws. I’m making the Beekeeper’s Quilt at the moment! Now that is a perfect Autumn project! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  210. Paula Towns

    I love to crochet big warm cosy granny square blankets that I can snuggle under. Love to sew as well (all wrapped up in a cuddly blanket of course lol). Thanks for the chance to win xx

  211. Sue

    Love the apples and pears. This Autumn I will be making new jumpers for my sister in law’s two chihuahuas for Christmas and amirgurumi squirrels as they love to chase them among the conker trees!! Sue

  212. hello from BC..Canada! I have been busy in my craft room making softies as well as thrift find pillows…I would love to win the kit..your style of crafting is so joyful….especially the colors you used…congratulations on making the cover.Amazing!

  213. Nicola Watt

    Snuggly knitted scarves. x

  214. Every Autumn I love to begin a new granny square quilt!

  215. Tammy Edwards

    As the bright cheery colors of Summer get tucked in under the warm cozy colors of Autumn, I find myself wanting to make my home warm and cozy as well; some of my favorite ways to do that are by making homemade breads and buns, soups and stews, apple crisps and pumpkin pies, homemade quilts, fluffy scarves and caps to keep those I love warm and cozy when they are out in the cool crisp Autumn air.
    I am sooo in love with your little apples and pears and that fabric…Simply Delicious!!
    Thank you for a chance to win your giveaway :0)

  216. lesley dean

    Adore the apples and pears. (riming slang for stairs) i have just got my sewing room, now 2 of my 4 sons have just got married. Lots of projects on the go mostly for xmas. i hope some one buys me a subscription for Mollie Makes i love

  217. Sharon

    I’m making a cot quilt – (actually I did this last year too) it’s a great size to sew by hand and having it on my lap while sewing keeps me nice and warm so I don’t quite need to be buddled up in my winter clothes of an evening yet.

    I’m also waiting for fresh cranberries to reappear in the supermarket as homemade sauce tastes so much better than shop bought ones

  218. Nicola Collins

    I have just started my own ‘kitchen table’ business so I will be making lots and lots of things this autumn in the hope of getting things off the ground! Childrens p.e. bags with applique and embroidery, applique and embroidered t-shirts, pencil cases, baby bibs, knitting hats and scarves and much much more! I love the fruit pin cushions in Mollie Makes – gorgeous!

  219. Emma

    I found your blog through Mollie Makes! Please can I be included in the give away? In Autumn my favourite things to make are… soup, and cushions and quilts. Anything warm and homey!
    Emma 🙂

  220. Blondie

    I’ve been given my first sewing machine, at the grand age of 40, so this autumn and winter I have plans for sewing, sewing and more sewing! I’m also making lots of little felt zombies – oh well, at least they’re seasonal!

  221. PaulaK

    This fall I would love to make a fabulous crazy quilt using all your little bits and pieces to celebrate the season!

  222. Great giveaway! In Autumn I love to make scarfs and hats 🙂 This Autumn though I am making my sister a shawl for her birthday!

    Samantha x

  223. Donna Cogburn

    I am making the apple core, will be so cute. I think I will make a few, for my grandson to give to his kindergarten teachers for a present. would love to make the apple and pear….so cute. thanks

  224. Roxi

    I like to start making christmas cards in autumn!

  225. Great giveaway! In Autumn I love to make scarfs and hats 🙂 This Autumn though I am making my sister a shawl for her birthday!

    Samantha x

  226. Hi,
    Love the apples! i like to knit in the fall. Scarves,hats, afgans, all with yummy yarn. iat would be fun to make your cutesie apples too!

  227. Gillybean

    Autumn for me is starting on the Xmas pressies, this year is handbags all round. Planning on making a start on Saturday while watching SCD! Wish me luck.

  228. Claire

    I just have to make autumnal felt leave garlands and pumpkins to dot around the house. I seem to make more each year but I always find a home for them.

  229. Donna Allie WRight

    I’m making owls and mice. I’m searching the thrift shops for 100% wool sweaters to felt for making purses and softies. And racking my brain to think of really special gifts to make my family for Christmas.

  230. I’m a novice crafter and this is my first crafty fall. My husband had an old dairy shed converted into an art and craft studio for me and the kids! I hope to make some of the apples and pears from this month’s Mollie Makes out in the dairy studio ~ and if I pull it off then guess what is going to be sent off as Christmas gifts?? 😉

  231. Love your beautiful fruits in Mollie Makes. As a novice sewer and beginner to crochet I hope to spend the cold autumn nights trying to create pretty things. I also like to felt charity shop wool jumpers and create quirky bird and flower brooches. Thank you for your inspiration. Lorraine xx

  232. …fall’s definitely the time for knitting wrist warmers…and currently: sewing lots of halloweeny buntings! Really like your blog, by the way!

  233. Beckie

    I seem to follow nature in more ways than one. I magpie ideas from all around, squirrel away fabrics and wool and make endless preparations for the months ahead – filling the freezer with apples and blackberries for crumbles and cobblers that will sustain me in my patchwork-knitting-cross-stitching-beading-toy-making frenzy… It’s starting already!

  234. Penelope

    What a great prize! I love to make ‘nesting’ things for the home in the Autumn that have a personal touch. It’s also a good time of year to start thinking about making Christmas gifts such as cross stitch and knitted gloves.

  235. This Autumn I have started to knit a cream cosy cardigan, I’ve also made a leaf garland in bright autumnal colours and I am currently making your fab apple and pair pin cushions from Mollie Makes magazine! x

  236. In Autumn I love to make crochet blankets, scarves & hats – ready for winter. And even though here in New Zealand we have a summer Christmas, these are the kinds of gifts that I like to make for my family. It’s fun to see everyone trying on their new hats n scarves while wearing t-shirts, shorts & jandals! LOL
    I’m looking forward to getting my issue of Mollie Makes with your patterns – can’t wait to make some apples & pears for my daughters. Thank you.

  237. Arantxa

    So cute!!!
    I feel like knitting in Autumn, and baking too!

  238. Autumn is my favorite time of year and so almost all my crafts are centered especially on that theme at this time of year. Usually I am making paper crafts but this year I want to knit some blankets for each of my nieces and nephews. I’ll no doubt be baking a lot of pies and such this autumn as it promises to be a chilly one! Great blog and I can’t wait to peruse it some more! 🙂

  239. I just found your fab blog after browsing the latest Mollie Makes which I find so inspirational. Really love your apples and pears and am determined to make some.
    I’m mostly a paper crafter and I’ve already made an Autumn pear collage and a floral wreath with paper flowers and leaves in Autumn shades. I’ll be making more as I love the glorious glowing colours of fallen leaves.
    Thanks for this fab opportunity.
    Fliss x

  240. Helene

    In autumn I bring out my neverending “waves” crocheted throw, and I also like to start sweaters.
    Love your apples!

    • Isn't it rewarding to get a closet all cleaned out? I find it completely amazing how much stuff we can shove in there … and we never really know until we take it out to clean things up. Your closet looks much more fuicntonal. Great for the psyche, isn't it.Shameful secrets? Of course … but I'm not telling. 🙂

  241. tammy

    Autumn is my favorite season. Love to do any type of needlework cozied up to a fire in the hearthroom!

  242. Julie K

    I love to make pumpkins, apples, acorns and leaves. I bring all kinds of plant material from outside to decorate. And as the days shorten, I love to curl up and quilt or crochet!

  243. Kay

    Every year I try to make some new Christmas decorations and/or sew a large Christmas cross stitch picture. Baking is my other hobby, actually, my husband calls it my therapy, so I will be making lots of crumbles and heartwarming puddings. I am also into felt and blanket stitching and making some fruit shaped needlecases and pincushions as Christmas presents.

  244. Emma Charlton

    Oooooh I REALLY want to win this!!!

    But aside from that, I am very much enjoying making apple crumble at the moment. A nice comfort dish to make me feel warm inside when it’s grey and blustery outside (made with home grown apples of course). After munching the crumble I like to proceed with knitting a nice summer cardigan. If I do my knitting the wrong way round and start a summer cardi now I might have it finished for next summer!!!! I can be found knitting winter jumpers in the summer too 🙂

  245. Sharon

    I like to make things for the house, nesting ready for the cold months, this autumn I will be trying to finish my crochet blanket and making some christmas stockings and decorations

  246. Knitting blankets for the loved ones! there always seems to be at least 2 or 3 new additions a year … 🙂 crossstitching christmas stockings on and off…. will get one for all the granbabies eventually… love the project and the fabbies both!!

  247. Amanda

    I like to cook and bake when it starts to get cool outside. I don’t mind having a hot kitchen when it’s chilly, plus most of my favorite dishes are a little too hearty and heavy for summertime.

  248. In Autumn I like to bake apple pies and make a scary pumpkins.
    I really like your apples and pears:D

  249. kate newton

    I start Christmas projects in autumn, beaded baubles, home made christmas cards etc. It’s an excuse to start something new even though I know I should finish something else first!

  250. I see autumn as a time for preparing the house for winter, so this year my personal makes are a draught excluder, cushions & quilts. All embroidered in the Scavenger Annie way with some rockin’ threads of course!

  251. Hello I love the autumn apple make some tea, get in my chair in the corner balançofazer patchwork and inspire me in the arts with the wonders of Mollie Make.
    There’s nothing better, kisses

  252. Crunchy Con Mommy

    I am hoping this year to make a candy-corn inspired bunting, a cowboy vest for my son’s Halloween costume, and an autumn wreath of some sort!

  253. Lynda

    I adore these round shapes. Round is my favorite size!

  254. jen richardson

    I was very excited to be introduced to your blog after buying Mollie Makes this month purely due to the gorgeous fruity cover. I love making things for my 2 daughters, 4 and 6, who would like a basket full of fruit for thier toy kitchen! Looks as though I will be busy…..

  255. Joanne Woods

    Love love these apples and pears! I’ve kicked off my autumn making with a Victorian collapsible sewing box filled with goodies for my partners mums 50th. Been asked to make some more for a local craft fair so i will be busy with those, but i’d find time to make these gorgeous fruity treats! (even if it’s 3 in the morning!) 😀 x

  256. I’ve just dug out a quilt I started to make about two years ago. As it starts to get cooler it reminds me how nice it would be to use if I had it finished. As it’s quite a big project (it’s queen size) I’ve picked it up and put it down a few times now. I’ve finished the front and back and even ordered the batting so fingers crossed I will get it finished this year!

  257. Emily O

    I’m always working on my Christmas gifts in the autumn, felt ornaments this year. And I’ll also be working on a cross-stitch baby sampler since I just found out that my cousin and his wife are expecting their first!

    Love this giveaway, they are so cute and I would love to make them!!!

  258. Esther

    On the other side of the world we are in the grips of spring (well psuedo summer), but the apple and pear crafts work just as well!

  259. marion

    I love to craft with my daughter (2)…today we made a lantern for st. Martin

  260. I love these little apples!! they would make me laugh every time I took out my sewing!! Please enter me in the contest, if one from Canada can win.I am making purses and carry bags of corduroy and upholstery fabrics, and taking out my crochet hooks to make hats for Christmas gifts. also making apple sauce and crumbles and pies, cause I love to eat apple treats too!

  261. Have made an early start of my handmade Christmas gifts and decorations!

  262. Oh Autumn is the perfect time to start crocheting a blanket. By the time Winter comes around it is great to snuggle under while it grows & grows!

  263. I love your apples and pears and can’t wait to have a try at making some for myself. I enjoy making anything during autumn, but especially stitching for Halloween and Christmas.

    Thank you for the chance to entry your giveaway! :o)

  264. Karen Hennigan

    In autumn I like to start crafting for Xmas……beginning with hand made Xmas cards.

  265. I crochet many many blankets! They keep my knees nice and toasty while I’m making them. In the summer, my children use them to make tents.

  266. natashafield

    I love to make scarves, felties, anything with a wooly warm texture! But mostly? I LOVE carving pumpkins, the scarier the better!

  267. Ruth Hope

    I’ve been making a little boat for my new nephew, using some Ebay 1930s feedsack, the lining from a 1920’s theatrical costume for the sails, and recycled cereal box cardboard covered in papier mache. It was a labour of love. Next project? To finish the mittens I started last autumn! Fairisle, from an old 1940s knitting pattern, it’s taking me forever!!! Autumn is my favourite season, and your beautiful evocative fruits capture exactly the sense of it – crisp and fruity. I’d be thrilled to be entered for this giveaway.

  268. Jacqui

    I’ve been out with my camera snapping the autumn colours inspiration for any of my crafty projects my granny square blanket. This week I am making socks, soups and scones!

  269. loopylil

    I like to knit something in chunky yarn – this year it is the cable blanket from the Gentle Art of Knitting – and boy does it keep me warm while I’m making it – perfect! I also love to bake and this afternoon’s raspberry and almond bakewell cake went down very well with everyone – not sure there will be much left tomorrow. Thanks for your beautiful blog. It would be lovely to be entered for the giveaway.

  270. I love to make bramble (black currant) and apple jam

  271. Sarah

    I like to make little crochet creatures.

  272. cate booth

    scarves and gloves for everyone, as well as some scarves to donate to our local homeless shelter. then odd stuff for myself, like knitted bookbags made out of old t-shirts, and bedsocks – lots of bedsocks because it’s so bloomin’ cold.

  273. October is one of my busiest making months . . crafting and baking for Christmas . . finishing off the pile of presents and cards to give . . then baking the Christmas cake and batch upon batch of jams, jellies, chutneys, and pickles to see me through the winter months ahead (and some for gifting, of course!)

  274. Lovely giveaway, autumn means cosy wristwarmers and hats for me, oh and snuggly warm blankets too 🙂

  275. Carrie Smart

    Autumn means being able to snuggle on the sofa either doing tapestry, cross-stitch or a new found love, knitting. As the nights draw in this is the perfect time to finish off projects. At the moment though I’m making halloween costumes for us all.

  276. I’ve been making a quilt to keep me warm this winter, from all the offcuts of beautiful fabrics I’ve used over the years: Liberty, Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Alexander Henry, Kokka, and will be embellished with my stash of vintage buttons and trimmings that i’ve been saving up for something special. Also I’m making dachshund draught excluders for me & to give away as presents at Christmas!

  277. Kathleen Nash

    Dark nights are drawing in and as it gets cooler I go through my knitting books to pick the first thing I’m going to knit myself for this coming winter

  278. I’m going to start painting some bowls to put some hearty curried lentil and vegetable soup in…and maybe get on the sewing machine to make some aprons (oooh, they would look lovely with some apples and pears on the pockets!!!). 🙂

  279. How’d do you like them apples? ( a LOT actually!) This fabrics are beautiful! I am on the make a LOT this week- sloe gin, butternut squash soup and banana cake, and those are just my autumn standards. I’m also crocheting a mustard yellow dress, knitting my beloved a scarf and crocheting my son an owl hat…as well as making curtains for our new house and some creepy cute halloween crochet creatures! PHEW. I need a nice bit of stitching to keep me sane…

  280. Lee Finlay

    I love making muffins on chilly mornings!!

  281. tarryn carr

    I like to make and am actually still making my own oilcloth using linseed oil, to make reusable sandwich wraps, bags and other waterproof things for the spring and summer months having picnics and going to the river or beach!

  282. Jean

    I have recently re-learnt how to crochet and have made two beanie hats with matching crochet flowers on – one for our daughter and one for our neice – I am hooked (excuse the pun)!!! So will probably be making more for all my friends little girls

  283. Mona White

    Granddaughter Avery and I are making a birthday banner for my soon-to-be-2 years old grandson Zane. We’re using any random fabric that we like!

  284. This time of year I am working on Christmas gifts… and items to sell at the local craft store. Christmas potholders, a quilt for my dear sweetheart, pillowcases to match the quilt I made last year for darling stepson, and warm jackets for me! Plus, crocheting and knitting in my “free” time. I like to have lots of projects going at once! Would love to try the fruit!

  285. martie

    I love to knit and to try out new yarns, so I make a lot of scarves.

  286. Janetta Dobler

    Autumn is my favorite time of year! The colors, smells, and tastes are amazing! I love to make nice, hearty soups and stews for my family. I enjoy quilting, sewing, knitting, and needle felting! I plan to make some tote bags and chicken saddles and diapers this fall for all my chicken-loving friends!!! Since I am taking some time to recuperate from major surgery, it’s a great time of year to get back to doing all the crafts that I love!!!

  287. I’d love to make a lap-ghan for my grand daughter who is 6 years of age. Fall harvest is one of the best times of year, and why not make something that will express my love for making things, and my grand daughter, Rian. I need to start small and easy, but I’m sure it will be lovely

  288. These are beautiful colors. Everything about them are so nice. This will be my first time making anything. I’m a newbie. In plan on starting with a table runner or placemats, maybe a cushion and then moving on up from there.

  289. Mandy

    Today my kitchen smells of clove studded orange slices drying in the oven.
    Autumn is for making cakes, warming food and soft crochet projects. This month also sees the making of my first rag doll a second is currently underway. The apples would look lovely beside my two girls.

  290. Veronica Barnard

    I have to make use of the beautiful leaves in all their shades of reds and browns, so make cards, wall art and wreaths with them. Busy with Christmas cards and knitting scarves as Christmas presents.

    • Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed is not working today. I tried adding it to my Yahoo reader account but got absleutoly nothing.

  291. Autumn is my favourite time of year, I love everything about it. I have my traditional chutney making time using all the wonderful seasonal produce that is in abundance (a lot of which comes from friends gardens making it even more special). I like to make decorated personalised baskets for my friends and family containing my chutney, pumpkin pie and apple and cinnamon buns. They go down a treat! The apple and pear kit would be great to make some fruits as a wonderful addition to my baskets :o)

  292. Dina

    I love your blog and the things you make! In autumn, as darkness and cold creep in, I like keeping home light and cozy. I like baking berry and pear pies and cooking hot chocolate. This autumn I at last started felting, had always wanted to try. I’m in the process of making a gnome. And I want to learn how to crochet a blanket in bright colours, I haven’t crocheted since I was a kid! I also want to try mosaics to decorate windows in the house.
    Thanks for the opportunity and happy crafting!

  293. In Autumn i love to bake Apple Crumbles, and Custard tarts. I also Love to start cosy winter projects like blankets, hat scarves and Hot water bottle covers. xx

  294. Pingback: Mollie Makes winner! | The Button Jar

  295. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s very hard to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say you have done a amazing job with this. Also, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Safari. Exceptional Blog!

  296. Karen beesley

    Tomorrow I am holding a Halloween Crafternoon for 7 of my & year old daughter’s friends. We will be making Jack o lanterns with glass chocolate pudding jars covered in orange tissue paper, wrapping chocolate bars in white crepe paper ‘mummy-style’ complete with googly eyes, garlands of ghost shapes cut out from white card, rice crispie cake spider with chocolate mint sticks for legs, and filling matchboxes with cotton wool splattered with red paint ready for the old Dead Man’s Finger trick! Everyone will take home a ‘ghost’ lollipop covered in remnants of white carrier bags tied with white ribbon round the ‘neck’ – another job for the googly eyes!

  297. Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brehgtined my day!

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