A little fruity treat

Pear from Mollie Makes issue 6

Pop by for a visit this Saturday for a mini fabric giveaway!



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7 responses to “A little fruity treat

  1. Just saw your lovely apples and pears in Mollie Makes, so so cute! Well done. x

  2. Jean

    I would love to make apples – to give to our daughters teachers!! I think yours are lovely and wouldn’t mind receiving one myself x

  3. Jo Dulat

    That is the sweetest little ladybug I have ever seen!

  4. Victoria Paterson

    A fabby project, I really enjoyed making these at the weekend and have some requests from friends and family for there fruit bowls! During the autumn months a enjoy knitting warm things for the winter to come. This year there is steam coming off my knitting needles as I am making homemade presents for Christmas this year.

    Love the blog. V

  5. Tammy Edwards

    Sooo in love with your little apples and pears!! :0)

  6. Kay Johnstone

    Love your apples and pears on the cover of Mollie Makes I’m looking forward to making some. I love to knit cosy winter scarfs in the Autumn, I love settling down to my craft work when the weather is nasty outside, it gives me a warm cosy feeling inside.


    I’m a very very far away lover of handycrafts (I’m from Colombia, South America) and really appreciate giving people like you! Somebody who not only loves crafts but who wants to share with others. Thanks and God bless you. Love,
    Marìa Consuelo Ruiz

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