Look what I made!

Mollie Makes issue 6

Here are my humble makes literally in the hands of Mollie Makes. I’m a bit overwhelmed to have one of my projects shown off like this, as most venture no further than my family and friends and rather too many don’t even make it out of my workbox.

I was thrilled to be commissioned by Mollie Makes. They asked me to work with autumn in mind, so luscious fruits were just the thing. I feel like I come alive in the autumn so there was no shortage of inspiration.

I liked the idea of little plump pears, so that’s where I started. I cut some rough shapes from scraps of cream calico and tacked these together to see how the construction could work. (I had to choose something plain, as I know that if I’d started sorting through my fabric stash at that stage, I’d have been sidetracked for hours.) It was soon obvious that working in six panels gave the most pleasing rounded shape. I did go through four prototypes to get to my final template shape, ranging from something that looked like a potato to a pumpkin with a lump on top. Thankfully the defining moment came when I figured out that I needed to squish in the ends of the fruit to get the perfect shape. And of course I’ll always find an excuse to add buttons to anything, so I was pleased to pop a tiny brown button on the bottom (what do you call the opposite end to the stalk?).

The apple shape came together a little more quickly, with no potato-shaped accidents this time. I created two different sizes so there’s a bit of variety if you make lots and display them together. If you do have a go, I’d recommend starting with the larger size, as the smaller apple is a teeny bit fiddlier to work with.

Playing with all the patterned fabrics was a joy. Mollie Makes only asked me to make a few variations but before I knew it there were actually 12 apples and pears lined up along my mantelpiece. I got carried away with all the variations for stems, leaves and little extras like embroidered insects. (There is actually a 13th project too. If you visit me again in a little while, I will share this as a little bonus project!)

My favourite? It has to be the pear with a little ladybird embroidered on one side.

You’ll find templates and instructions for all the fruits in issue 6 of Mollie Makes. I really hope you enjoy them. Go careful, they do get a bit addictive!

Apples & pears made for Mollie Makes



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11 responses to “Look what I made!

  1. Jo Dulat

    I just love these little apples, wouldn’t they make super sweet pincushons? Also incase you were interested, the bottom of the apple is called the calyx and are the sepals of the apple blossom.

  2. Your fresh fruit idea is “delicious”!
    I’m working on little happies for birthdays….always sachets and now crocheted envelopes with treasures inside…..perhaps next some “pears”………

  3. Oh I just adore Mollie Makes! I picked this issue up yesterday and it’s been nonstop swooning!

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  5. I found this blog after seeing your project in Mollie Makes and just wanted to let you know I love it! I’m just learning how to sew, so it’s fun to find a sewing project that’s cute, useful, and simple to make all at once.

    Big congrats on being the feature article!

  6. Claire

    Oh please, where did you get that apple print fabric from?

    • Hi Claire,
      The red apple print is from Country Threads in Bath (www.countrythreadspatchwork.co.uk). I’ve checked the Selvedge and it reads ‘Party in paradise style MS11-73 designed by http://www.stof.dk. The Green apple fabric (part of one of the pears) was donated by my good friend Rosie, so I’m not sure where that one came from. I hope this helps.

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