Fabric & fate

One of my favourite lunchtime treats is a trip to scout out new fabrics. I count myself very lucky to work only a hop and a skip away from Country Threads, an Aladdin’s Cave of a patchwork emporium where your purchases are wrapped in wonderfully old-fashioned printed paper bags. An unassuming shop front opens out into a backroom filled from floor to ceiling with bolts of glorious fabrics. They have so many that lots are stacked in double rows – slide one out and you discover even more treasures hidden behind.

I’m quite a logical soul and I like things to be neat, so I usually only allow myself to hunt for fabrics when I have something particular project in mind. But a couple of months ago, I let myself indulge and buy a small ‘just because’ selection. My absolute favourite was a very simple apple print, a mass of rosy loveliness on a crisp white background.

It lived on the arm of my sofa for a couple of days (for stroking and admiring purposes) still with no idea what it might be made into. Then fate stepped in… The delicious new Mollie Makes magazine asked me if I would create a project showing how to make fabric apples and pears. I do love it when things connect up!

Mollie Makes issue 6 will be in the shops from 29th September, and I’m absolutely thrilled to say that my little apples will be on the cover.



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2 responses to “Fabric & fate

  1. I ADORE Country Threads, that shop has swallowed rather a lot of my money over the years! They had a great range of Japanese inspired fabrics for a long time, I was always popping in to get fat quarters. I got some gorgeous Robert Kaufman Confections fabric in there recently. I’ve only used their fabrics for the intended purpose of quilting once though, generally I like making slightly eccentric clothes with them.

  2. Making cakes in a jar tonight with homemade icing. If you are jealous, I don’t blame you!

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