A brand new page

Autumn is always filled with a sense of new beginnings for me. It’s a long time since I was at school but I still experience a nervous excitement as if I’m starting a new school year. As a grown up it’s hard to find an equivalent to writing neatly on the first page of a new exercise book but I think this could be it – the first entry of a shiny new blog.

I’ve always loved making things but in recent years craft has taken more a back seat in my life. It’s been nothing short of a craft drought. I spent some years making over my small flat. Stressful, expensive, time-consuming but ultimately satisfying, this process was a great experience but it caused me to lose the ability to do things just for fun. When I planned out my weekends, I could only ‘allow’ myself to make and create things that would have a definite use and would enhance my home. Although I enjoyed making curtains and learning to tile a bathroom, these things don’t satisfy my deep down urge to make and play.

Happily the draught is now over! Reading so many amazing craft blogs has re-awoken my enjoyment in craft once again and given me the ‘permission’ I needed to do a bit of embroidery or buy a couple of fat quarters just because I love them. Having my own blog extends the fun and I love the thought of being part of a global craft community.

I hope you enjoy sharing my ‘Random makes & other stories’. Please drop by whenever you can. I’d love it if you leave me your comments.


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  1. It makes you feel whole again if you are a creative person and then get back into it after a long break. Enjoy yourself, I am sure you will 🙂

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